Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Day After

So, is anyone else struggling to contain large masses of candy that have now taken over the entire household? What a HAUL my kids brought in last night! I think it's the most they've ever gotten. I really need to find a new dentist quick!

Halloween was everything we'd hoped it would be. I did manage to dig up some suitable brown shoes for Man-Cub (he liked them so much he even wore them to school today). The beef stew was so easy to prepare and most delicious to eat (and even better the next day for lunch). The children trick-or-treated almost to their hearts' content (they're never ready to stop). And the costumes were fun and festive.

Now, pictures anyone? I must say, Man-Cub's Link costume turned out even better than I had imagined. By the time he was all suited up, I had decided it was the best costume he's ever worn. Daria and Lobelia surpassed themselves with the fabulous shield they made. Wait until you see it; it was made completely from scratch! They drew a pattern for The Viking to cut out of plywood, covered it with Styrofoam and canvas, then drew and painted the pattern on it. I think it's such a work of art, I'm mounting it on Man-Cub's wall now that Halloween is over. My super-talented sisters also made a sheath for Man-Cub's sword out of a remnant from Lobelia's old sofa. I don't think you can see it in the photos, but it was just perfect and held his sword in just the right spot. His cute, little elf ears aren't very visible in the pics either, but you might be able to see them if you enlarge them.

Without any further ado:

There's my brave elf warrior, in all his glory, even if the picture is kind of hazy.

And now he's showing off his mad fightin' elf skillz with his friend the Jedi Knight. He assures me that in a fight with Robin Hood or a Green Power Ranger, Link would win. A fight between Link and Optimus Prime would end in a draw, but in a fight with Mega Tron, Link would sadly lose. We never discussed how Link would fare in a fight with a Jedi Master, however, judging by his calm and collected demeanor in the above photo, I would guess Link would prevail. Somehow, I feel better knowing the levels of power in which he has his fantasy warriors stationed. I also find it hilarious that he has obviously thought this through thoroughly.

Now I'm wondering what would happen in a Link vs. Spiderman match. I'm sure Red Headed Snippet (Spidey) would have been more than happy to act out such an event, but, obviously, that would not have been wise. On another note, how about that shield, eh? Didn't I tell you?

Well, I must hippity-hop off to bed. That last packet of Sweet Tarts isn't sitting so well. I think I need to go sleep it off.

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Amongst The Oaks said...

Teen2 says the Link costume is awesome. She loves Link and knows every detail of him and you got it just right! Hugs, Laura