Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hooray for Marshall's

First of all, I feel I should mention that the above photos show the tragic results of 3 consecutive half-days of school combined with unlimited access to 2 bags of M&Ms. The half-days were due to Parent-Teacher conferences this week. The M&Ms were my doing. I thought it would be festive and fun to have some of the Holiday variety in the house. That was yesterday. Both bags are now gone. And while I confess to doing my part in obliterating said bags of kiddie crack, I did not do it alone. Suffice it to say Man-Cub has spent the better part of the past two days pinging about the house and getting himself scolded at surprisingly frequent intervals. And I am tired. When will I ever learn?

On a happier and slightly escapist note, I managed to unearth a few lovely trinkets at the archaeological dig that is the clearance rack at Marshall's the other day.

These pine-scented candles and candle rings are just the thing for my wedding-gift silver candlesticks!

Christmas crackers can be hard to find, but this year I stumbled across a bunch that even match my decor!

I couldn't pass up these sparkly beaded strawberry ornaments. Now, I'm just trying to decide whether to put them on the tree or keep them on display in the dining room year-round.

And finally, these boxes of be-sparkled beaded fruits. I've decided they're going to mingle with a delightful array of pine cones as part of a most becoming centerpiece arrangement. I just haven't decided which container to use.

I could use some opinions on the matter. Should I use this vintage Coca-Cola tray my mom got for me at a garage sale?

It is currently being used in such a manner for my Harvest centerpiece.

Or should I use what I did last year and pile everything up in this lovely compote (also a garage sale find from Mom)? I truly cannot decide. Any thoughts or suggestions?

While we're on the topic of deciding things, I also need to find something to go along with these candles as Christmas gifts for my in-laws.

These candles are amazing. My second cousin makes them herself, they're soy so they burn clean and the wax left in the jar washes out easily with just soap and water, and they smell exactly like they're supposed to. The lilac smells like lilac, the jasmine smells like jasmine and the lemon oatmeal crisp...well, you get the idea. I bought several for our home and decided they'd make great Christmas gifts for those people I never know how to shop for. I bought one each for The Viking's mother, sister, sister-in-law and niece, but I think they need to be paired with something else to make a suitable gift. I'd like to find something homemade, but am not sure where to look. I did think about baking something yummy to go with them, but most of my in-laws have food allergies so edibles aren't usually a good way to go. I would be most open to any ideas!

On that note, I must be off. The Viking was peeking over my shoulder as I was editing this and seemed a little put out that I didn't share with him the pretty things from Marshall's I'm so excited about. So, I'd better go show them to him.

Besides, The Office is on. Even if it is a re-run...


Cottage Magpie said...

Gosh, between the tray and the compote, I don't know! They're both cute. I'd probably go with the compote just because I love them so. And... garage sale? Jealous! Ditto the gingham crackers, how the heck did you find those! Double jealous!
~Angela :-)

Meg said...

I'm not sure which I would choose. It's hard to say until seeing how things are laid out in them. I must say, though, that you have some terrific things to display. Good for you!