Friday, April 27, 2012

Prom Photos

Just thought I'd pop in to share some photos of Redheaded Snippet all decked out for her prom.  I figured it was only right after sharing all of the "dress rehearsal" photos yesterday!

First the hair: finished product:

My sister declared that Mom should get award for this hair and I think she may be right!  It took several hours, a ton of teasing, and senseless amounts of hairspray, but the end result was simply fabu!

The dress seemed to have a somewhat '60's feel to it (at least to us), so we decided to go '60's with the hair.  And since Mom was a teenager then it was a no-brainer for her to accomplish this look.

Redheaded Snippet said everyone was telling her she had Adele hair so we took that as a sign of success.

Makeup was done by yours truly.  I think it's one of the best jobs I've done, if I may say so myself.

We decided on smokey but not too heavy eyes with light cheeks and very neutral lips.  And I'd say I managed to pull it off!

We had one minor wardrobe malfunction which required The Viking's help.  Redheaded Snippet's feet are very narrow and the strap on her shoe needed an extra hole so it could be buckled tighter.  Gotta love a dad who will help fix his daughter's dancing shoes!

We were ready early!  Early enough for her to grab a sandwich and make me crazy with worry that she was going to mess up her dress or makeup.

I just had to post this photo for historical purposes.  That's my sister, Dharma, before her prom in 1994, one full year before Redheaded Snippet was born.   She was being posed in an "American Gothic" photo which is why she bearing a rake and a somber expression.

And here is the same dress, 18 years later!  Yes, it's entirely covered in gold sequins.  We called it the Disco Ball dress.  Somehow one of us got the idea of Redheaded Snippet borrowing it for the event and Dharma (who still had it) was generous enough to ship it to us.  And, of course, Snippet loved it the moment she tried it on and that was it.

Besides enjoying seeing my daughter looking so lovely in a dress I can remember my sister looking equally lovely in, I was glad not to have to buy another dress!  Because, have I mentioned this is only the first of two proms Redheaded Snippet is going to this Spring?  This was her prom.  The boyfriend's prom is next month.

But don't worry, we've got a few tricks up our sleeve for that one, too...stay tuned...

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