Sunday, April 08, 2012

It Is Finished! He Is Risen!

My Grandfather, long deceased, began every Easter Sunday by playing The Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah. And everyone who was awake had to stop or rise to stand while it was playing. My mother continued the tradition in our home (though she wasn't quite as didactic about it as Grandaddy was) and I have kept it going myself. I was also privileged to learn it in high school and sang it in college (I know the Soprano I part).

The preceding video was filmed at the famous Macy's building (formerly the Wanamaker building) in Philly. The organ in Macy's is world famous and gives concerts every day which is why you see people kind of milling around, going about their business while it's playing at the beginning.

But about 30 seconds in, there's a pregnant pause and then the organ fires up with The Hallelujah Chorus and, suddenly, people start singing! It was planned, of course, as a Random Act of Culture, but it was a surprise!

I just love this piece, love the building and love this video. It's becoming my favorite Easter tradition.

Have a blessed and joyous Easter! He is risen indeed!

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