Friday, March 04, 2011

Must fly, no time to talk!

But I must say this:


And now that he is ten-10-see? I have to use two digits, to different keys on the keyboard to type his age-I fear I can no longer call him Man-Cub. He's a Tween now, apparently. And I, for one, have very little clue what tween boys are supposed to be like. Or what they really are like in today's society. I only know what tween girls are like these days and that does not bode well for the prospects of Tween Boyhood. Will I want to just lock him up until he's fourteen like I did Redheaded Snippet? Like I wanted to lock up Redheaded Snippet, not like I actually did it. There has been no locking up of anyone (YET), just so we are clear. Don't bother me with the intricacies of grammar. I've been trying to teach understood subject nouns and possessive personal nouns and pronouns to Man-Cub and I just can't take anymore.

Anyway, I also cannot be bothered to think of another blog name for him just yet. I like the one he has. And I'm already trying to think of one for Lobelia's dainty fairy lass so I think I'd better just leave it at that lest I lose the final remnant of my brain that somehow survived our unit on prepositional phrases.

So, Happy Birthday, my (still) sweet miracle boy! You may be changing in weird and wonderful ways, but I still love you as fiercely as the day you were born!

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