Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fits And Starts

I was going to get all my chores done quickly today and then spend the rest of the afternoon and evening changing the colors and images here on the blog with a clear, guilt-free conscience but, oh no, that was not to be!

Today was one of those days when I embarked on many endeavors and, while I accomplished a lot during each, completed virtually none of them. Unless you count laundry-and-dinner. Which I don't because I have to do it every day. It's a given and I give myself no credit for it. I'm even using them as a singular compound noun. Hence the hyphens.

First my bath was interrupted by Redheaded Snippet's persistent ringing of the telephone, demanding to be picked up from practice. I had been assured it would be over much later and thought I had plenty of time for said bath. How wrong I was. Another day of wearing my hair up in a knot skewered with a pen.

Second, my trek down to the basement for the few spring-themed decorative items I own was interrupted by a near-scalping incident cause by a close encounter between aforementioned top-knot-cum-pen and a jagged piece of trim The Viking had stored in the rafters. The ceiling is very low. And that hurt like heck and no one could hear me yelling as I tried to free my hair from its wooden prison!

Third, my completion of the laundry was interrupted by the arrival and subsequent loitering of my father. I do not mind when Dad drops by and he does not do it often, but today, it was just another interruption in an already frustrating day and all he did was complain about EGOD. But I feel I am being uncharitable...

Fourth, my cleaning blitz of the kitchen was interrupted by this discovery:

Apparently, last night The Viking had been seized by the sudden urge to make cookies. And then he needed a place to store them. And this was his solution. His defense was that we are out of zip top bags. He has no idea why he put them in the fridge.

So while I did manage to make my bed, tidy my bedroom, wash the dishes (by hand; the dishwasher is on the fritz AGAIN), make dinner, do four loads of laundry and make the kids clean the stairs and their rooms to the teeth, I did not deep-clean the kitchen, clean out the pantry, set out the springtime decor, wash my hair or get to the ironing. So I'm not sure what to make of this day...success or failure? It guess it's just a mixed bag.

And I've got to get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning and drive Redheaded Snippet 90 minutes to a field hockey training session and then sit there in the car in the parking lot for six hours before driving 90 minutes back home. So we know I'm getting nothing accomplished tomorrow except learning how to nap in the front seat of my car!

Oh to bed...


Anne said...

laughing so hard becuase I think we had the same day, except I used a halloween pencil to hold up my hair and spent the evening having a bad attitude while volunteering at a silent auction!

Amy said...

ooh! Pretty blog! Oh, and I keep meaning to comment on a previous post and I can't remember which one, but for the record I got absolutely no baking skills. I mean I can generally manage the basics, but the things I make almost always look like a mess.