Sunday, May 02, 2010

Stealing Time

So, I've got a small, unexpected pocket of time to myself so I'm taking advantage of it. Man-Cub spent the night at Gram's, The Viking has a youth band rehearsal and Redheaded Snippet is snoozing on the couch. I have to head out to the grocery store, but figured I'd blog a little first. Must fortify myself somehow, you know.

We had a jolly little Work Day yesterday in spite of my irresponsible blogging. The children were not happy with the way the day went, and I still have lots of follow-up to complete today, but it was productive nonetheless. The Viking put the children to go use making them move and stack about two cords of wood in preparation for the winter that is yet a good six months away. I am hoping they learned some valuable life lessons with their father yesterday. You know, about the value of hard work, and team work, and cooperation, and listening to your father, and making hay while the sun shines. Good stuff, good, good stuff.

Unfortunately, I taught them about waiting until something that is important to you is about to bite you in the butt before accomplishing something that probably should have been done long ago, as is my wont. We finally packed up all the winter wear and put it in the basement. We even cleaned out some of the scarves, mittens and hats no one wears anymore and I dug a Space Bag I'd been holding onto out of the linen closet and put it to good use.

I tackled the laundry room (a room I am expecting will get some good, regular use with four adults and four children living in the house) as well and, short of some good ideas for further organization and storage, have declared it finished and good. Now all I have to do laundry-wise is finish the laundry itself. But that is a job that can be done whilst other things are being done so I don't mind it at all. Plus, we have what looks to be another sunny day before us so I should be able to use the clothes line, oak pollen or no.

Well, it's time I get back to the tasks at hand. I need to accomplish a lot and stay focused in order to do it. And, first things first, grocery shopping so we can eat. I'm thinking BLTs for lunch, for some reason. Nothing beats a nice BLT. Except maybe an MLT, mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich; when the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe? Mmmmm, they're so perky, I love that!

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