Monday, May 17, 2010

Cheese, Eggs and Nuts

My best friends now. All I eat (it seems) is cheese, eggs and nuts. I can, of course, eat meats, veg and complex carbs, but you see there are problems. There are very few forms of portable, quick, and easy to fix meats. Slim Jims do NOT count. I DID request a plain, unadorned, unbesmirched, grilled chicken fillet at Chick-Fil-A the other day, so there are options for me at the occasionally necessary fast food joint (besides their gross salads they keep stocked in the coolers for months on end so they can claim to have "healthy options"), but otherwise meats are hard to get on the go. Vegetables can be very portable, but they don't really do much for me, blood-sugar-wise. They don't harm it, but they don't support it either. So, vegetables are good for what I would call recreational foods. If I'm depressed about the sight of a lean, dry fillet of meat sitting on my plate all by its onesies, I can add vegetables with wild abandon to keep it company. And complex carbs? They're acceptable, but only in moderation. And since my evening meal often involves some sort of complex carb, I usually avoid them the rest of the day to save up room.

So, if I'm on the run, like I was yesterday, and have to eat every 2-3 hours, like I have to every day now, I need portable forms of acceptable foods. And those are mostly cheese and nuts. I felt like I bought a ton of each of them when grocery shopping on Friday and now, most of them are already gone! Whatever shall I do?

The good news is, after just one week, I'm already seeing results! Small results, but results nonetheless! By the fifth day, I actually felt kind of good while taking my walk. The Viking and I each took a large dog and went together on Saturday morning. It was a glorious May morning, bright, cool, dry and breezy, perfect for walking, and I got to do something good for my health and spend some alone time in the early morning, sharing the beauty of a beautiful day with my husband on a Saturday. We've never done that before. I got my heart rate up, but could still have a conversation and didn't feel like I just wanted to crawl into the shower and die.

And get this: that same day, I had to run out to the car to get something and was looking for a pair of shoes, any pair of shoes, to stick on my feet. The first pair I saw was Redheaded Snippet's brown flip-flops. I love those shoes: they've got a wedge heel and have brown sparkly things on the thongs, just my kind of shoe. But they have never fit me. I always chalked that up to my wide, flat feet, but had never accepted it. Whenever I see them, I try them on, even though they have never, ever fit me.

So, I'm looking for shoes, I see my favorites and I decide to make my usual attempt at slipping my feet into them. And lo! my feet go in smoothly and easily! What? What is this magic? I took them out and tried them again...and AGAIN they went on my feet! They FIT!

I did not know your feet, yea even your feet, could get fatter or thinner! This now has me wondering about other areas I thought were safe like my nose and earlobes! But mostly, this is exciting news! I wore those shoes all over the place that day and have been putting them on and taking them a hundred times more than I used to, now because I CAN!

We figure I've been losing a lot of fluid that I had been retaining. Don't they say that the first few pounds lost are usually water weight? Well, there you go. Even Daria looked at my feet and saw a difference. That got me thinking so later I crept upstairs and faced my fears and stepped on the bathroom scale...

2 pounds! LOST! I don't care if it is in my feet, it's still the first two pounds! It's working! I cannot believe it.

I don't know what has changed this time, why these changes don't seem to be all that difficult to live with. I've tried dieting before and I've had to go through it all with gritted teeth. This time, I'm hardly stressed out about it at all. Maybe I just got to the point where I was ready. Maybe my head just finally got to the right place (wanting to lose weight to be healthy, not just to look younger/better/prettier/hotter or to stick it to certain people). Who knows?

But I'm on day 8, have had my eggs and cheese for breakfast and am getting ready to walk one of the dogs. Maybe I'll even see about getting new sneakers...

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