Sunday, May 30, 2010

An Offer You Can't Refuse

Something momentous happened during church today. Now doesn't that sound intriguing!

There I was, sitting between Redheaded Snippet and Man-Cub (because, believe you me, letting them sit next to each other in a place that requires one to be reasonably quiet and sedate is never a good idea) when, shortly after the sermon had begun, my Snippet handed me a note. A good, long one.

Now, Redheaded Snippet and I have a lovely custom of writing each other notes. She started it several years ago and is, indeed, the one who usually writes to me first. Many a night have I climbed into bed to find a neatly folded note waiting for me on my bedside table. I love those moments. I would love, someday, to perhaps publish all the notes as a record of precious moments between Mother and Daughter, but that would be far into the future...but I digress.

Today's note was long and full of wonderfully profound stuff that I cannot share with you but was delighted to answer. And suffice it to say that the content was that which provided perfect justification for writing notes during church.

We passed my notebook back and forth several times before she wrote, and I quote (I can share this part), "I just need some...guidance. I think you and I should start something daily, just to help me (and you) stay close with God. Plus it would help us (me and you) to grow closer."

When your nearly 15-year-old daughter requests something like that of you, you have no choice but to say yes. No ifs, ands or buts. I felt almost overwhelmed by it. I felt gratitude, joy, humility and the great weight of responsibility. How many mothers get this kind of opportunity? How many mothers hear their teen-aged daughters say, "Mom, I need your guidance and wisdom. Every day"? What a precious, precious gift. And what a fertile opportunity.

So, we've decided we're going walking together every day after school. I need to exercise, she needs to stay in shape for hockey season and we can talk while we're walking. Once school ends we're going to have to come up with something else and we'd like to find a good study to do together, but for now, this is what we're doing.

I absolutely cannot wait. See what I mean? An offer I can't refuse.


Jayne said...

That is momentous indeed. How wonderful that you and your daughter are so close.

Leila said...

Beautiful. God is good.