Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wood Stove Day Two

Progress continues.

This was how things looked by lunch break yesterday.

And then by quittin' time. Of course, there are naysayers who say mournfully that they hope I won't hate it with the ash and smoke and especially situated in the corner like that and I'm still not exactly sure how we're going to arrange the furniture, but I find myself getting more and more excited about having this thing in the house. And the furniture placement is starting to come together in my mind anyway so I'm not that worried. Anymore.

As of lunchtime today, the part I was worried about was over; the cutting of the rather large hole into the front wall of my house. They did a good job and it doesn't (so far) look junky or like Pineys have moved in so I am relieved.

I'm expecting it will take at least another day before it's finished as they haven't even started on the stone work yet and that will probably take a good, long time. But I'm still crossing my fingers that we'll be gazing into a roaring (and safely contained) fire in our living room by week's end!

In other news, I have broken my own rule and do not have a single morsel planned for tonight's dinner. I got nothing! Maybe I'll turn to the old stand-by and make Eggs in a Basket? Maybe just get some tomatoes, cheese and a few cans of soup for grilled cheese and soup night? Guess I should get on that, huh?


tracylynne said...

Looks really nice, we have a woodstove ourselves and we have saved tons of $$$.I have a suggestion-I would build a woodbox-maybe on wheels that you can put by the door and wheel to the woodstove-less mess and its alot easier than carrying wood all the way from the pile.


Leila said...

This is exciting. Of course everything has a downside, but in my book if you are WARM it's all upside.
Your worries about the hole made me laugh... I know just what you mean. Our next door neighbors specialize in using up cars and leaving them in their yard...fortunately they also don't mow. But it makes you want to be extra neat and tidy.

I like tracylynne's suggestion...I have so many obstacles between my stove and my woodpile...the best solution is a hoard of teenage boys (well, not for the mess)...alas, I don't have that either.