Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Day After

And the dig out begins. We got about 18 inches of snow when all was said and done. Of course, the drifts are varying levels of depth above that, but 18 seems to be about the average around here. It's just spectacular.

The Viking, wise man that he is, set the children to digging around the wheels of the vehicles just enough so he could get in them and then run back and forth up and down the driveway, packing the snow flat. Our driveway is just too long and wide to shovel, especially for a man with two herniated disks.

Redheaded Snippet sure put those superior stick skills to use. I bet she's grateful we provided her with a way to stay in shape during the off season.

I can only attribute the harmonious and peaceful way the children worked together to the lingering effects of the Christmas Miracle Blizzard, though it didn't last long...

Redheaded Snippet, resting from her labors, decided to build a snow child (she has been very precise on that point, a child, not a man). Man-Cub saw this as a display of weakness and an opportunity to mash her into the snow underfoot.

Smelling danger, almost too late, the female turns to see her attacker poised to strike.

I didn't stay to watch what unfolded next, but there were shrieks and howls and the unmistakable sounds of a robust snow fight echoing through the yard. I didn't worry about it as they sounded like they were having fun and The Viking was out there in case things got dodgy.

Well, my tired, wet crew needs sustenance in the form of bacon, eggs and copious amounts of hot chocolate. So this is where I do my part in the Digging Out Project, feeding the team!

Off to fry and boil...

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Blasé said...

18" is toooo much Snow!