Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two Days...I said TWO DAYS!

No photos today; there is just too much to do. It looks almost like a bomb's gone off in here. I don't know how it happens, but getting ready for any major event like this just seems to bring out all the mess in my house like a drawing salve. There's laundry piled all over the living room, wrapping paper scraps and empty bags strewn about the kitchen island and dining room table (both serving as wrapping stations), boots, gloves, scarves and hats draped over every available surface for air drying and dishes left behind from hasty meals and snacks eaten on the run.

I still have to bake one pie and prepare three other crusts for assembly tomorrow, wash, dry and fold the rest of the laundry and get the downstairs under control! You see why I can't be posting photos, right?

In much, much more festive and spectacular news, I GET TO SEE ALL THREE SISTERS IN JUST TWO DAYS! Not to mention both brothers-in-law and my nephew and nieces! I just cannot wait. The four of us aren't all together at once very often (not usually more than twice a year) so it's a great treat when we are! The Viking is very stoked about getting to chill with his brothers-in-law or partners in crime. Though they won't be able to blow things up this time, I'm sure they'll find plenty of shenanigans to get up to.

Right, so I'm off to clean the kitchen and teach Redheaded Snippet the joys of pie crust and fraisage!

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