Monday, December 07, 2009

Latest Project

This latest is not, specifically, my project. It's our project, though if I had to pick I would lean more toward it being The Viking's project. It will benefit us all, but he is having more to do with the particulars than I am.

Before I dive right in, I must post a disclaimer: the photos you are about to see may contain images that some will find disturbing to their eyesight or equilibrium. I fully acknowledge that I am a terrible photographer.

I'm sorry about the blur! Ye be warned...

This is what I alluded to in my last post, about the furniture being in disarray and not having a home for the nativity. The wood stove is going in today!

Here is the corner we've designated as the new hearth of our home, where the piano used to be, already stripped of the carpeting we had installed 11 years ago. I was very curious to see what was underneath as I can't recall getting a good look at it the day we moved in (I was 6 months pregnant at the time and running after a 3-year-old Redheaded Snippet-- task more daunting than you can imagine). We've always intended to one day pull up the carpet and refinish the floors but haven't been entirely sure what we'd be dealing with. As it turns out, it doesn't look half bad...

Because of his back, The Viking is not able to install it himself so he has committed what nearly amounts to a cardinal sin amongst the men of his family and has...sshhhhh...hired do it. But that isn't stopping him from getting in there while the guys are outside getting something out of the truck (which is also when I sneak in to snap a few photos).

And the obligatory "stud finder" gag. Har-de-har-har, I know. I'm sorry, Honey, about the terrible quality of this shot! But it's okay, the rest of the world doesn't need to know just how foxy you are; they'd be beating down our door just to gaze at you! Just like I do. Every night while you sleep.

Okay, that was uber-creepy and unnecessary as The Viking never reads this unless I ask him point-blank to do so. And, no, I don't watch him while he sleeps. I'm too busy rummaging through his sock drawer. Again, I kid.

Hopefully, I can get some more snaps as the work progresses (and hopefully of better quality--maybe The Viking will have pity on me and take a few for me). And maybe, just maybe, in a few nights' time I will be too busy relaxing in front of the fire, basking in its wholesome glow, to blog about anything whatsoever. If you don't hear from me for a while, I'll be toasting...

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Amy said...

LUCKY!!! That is so awesome. I think I like a wood stove even more than a fireplace. That thing will keep your house so warm.

Oh and I like the studfinder gag.