Friday, May 15, 2009

Under Construction

Ok, so maybe the website isn't under construction, or even the web page, but the posts certainly are. I'm not being idle, I'm composing (or is it decomposing?) The weeks have been brutally packed and busy, but I am still here. I'm working on some doozies! Okay, not really, but I'm working on a few ho-hums for you. Aren't you just frothing with anticipation?

That is all. For now.

1 comment:

Leila said...

I've wanted to comment on your last two posts but the thingy wouldn't thingerize...load...let me.

I'm right with you on Mother's Day! Notice I didn't have a long post with gauzy pictures on how I got breakfast in bed with toe-nail painting and bible verses thrown in?

We're all so anti-Hallmark around here...

But all that said, just like you, I had a nice day and got dinner grilled for me! Aren't we funny little contradictory creatures :)