Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

So, it's Memorial Day, are you out back eating hamburgers, hot dogs and potato salad? Or maybe you do the more sophisticated thing and you grill marinated chicken and salmon and maybe even swordfish skewers or something (I wouldn't know; I'm not sophisticated).

We're not doing anything. The end of May is already churning into a maelstrom of activity that is only going to take us thundering into an even more unbelievably busy June so we are taking down time where we can. At least I am. The Viking has been finding ways to keep busy as he always has. And I am seeing to it that the basics of housekeeping continue (laundry, meals and dishes). Otherwise, we are taking it easy.

I tell you what, I wouldn't mind sitting on a breezy but shady porch beside a big ice chest full of watermelon, corn-on-the-cob, lemonade and beer flipping my way though a large pile of semi-trashy magazines (you know, the kind you only buy for plane trips), watching the kids play on a tire swing and spraying each other with the hose. But I don't really feel like being the one to go out and buy and prepare all the fruit, veg, drinks and ice necessary and I certainly don't feel like having to clean up after it all. We've been so busy around here that no one has had any time to clean anything up except me and I'm getting sick of it! Little Mom Vent there, sorry!

Redheaded Snippet slept over her BFF's house last night so I'm sure they are having fun swimming, eating, playing video games and talking about boys. Man-Cub is with The Viking buying food for our newest additions to the household, Lemon-Lime and Forest, so named because of their greenish hues.

Yes, they're frogs, real, live, slimy, erratically jumpy frogs. The menfolk found them while helping clean out a friend's pool and the friend was only too happy to allow Man-Cub to take them home (I can only imagine why). Man-Cub is ecstatic about them, being practically reduced to tears of happiness several times last night. I, for one, am less than ecstatic, but am counting my blessings they're not snakes or rats. Sure, they have to be fed live crickets (I told The Viking so help me if any of those get out I am moving out and not coming back until all are accounted for, dead or alive) and I'm pretty sure they've been mating and we're going to be witnesses to The Glorious Amphibian Dawn and a hostile household takeover of plague proportions, but one look at my Man-Cub's face when he presented them told me that shrieking, "GET THOSE VILE CREATURES OUT OF MY HOUSE" was not an option.

In other, much less squicky news (let's move on, shall we?), it being Memorial Day, The Viking had some festivities in which to participate this morning. There are always services at the local cemeteries and the VFW and the fire department always takes part.

There they are. The Viking is the one fourth from the left, just to the left of the emblem on the engine.

And, oh me oh my, there he is in his uniform, up close and personal. Doesn't he look just dishy? Every year I forget about the Memorial Day festivities and every year he surprises me by walking in the room wearing his uniform. And it always takes my breath away.

Right. Well, I've got other projects in various stages of progress that I need to tend to. I'm making a pillow for a friend's birthday and have to mend my duvet a la Leila, a project for which I need either my mother's or Lobelia's help as I cannot sew nor do I have a sewing machine. Hopefully, I will remember to take photos during the creative process so I can share later.

But for now, have a thankful Memorial Day, remembering all those who fought and died to give us the freedom we so often take for granted.

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