Friday, May 01, 2009

Blargh, just blargh.

Alack, Alas, our computer woes continue with relentless force! For THREE weeks we suffered in silent boredom with neither Internet nor phone service. The Viking couldn't figure out what was wrong. Comcast couldn't figure out what was wrong. The power at the street was too high and was zapping into the house and blasting virtual holes all through our modem and our poor, defenseless computer was just shutting down in surrender each and every time we tried to log on. But no one knew why this was happening. Thankfully, all our calls to the house were diverted directly to The Viking's cell phone (such a week he had, fielding calls from everyone ranging from EGOD, concerned the children were dying from Swine Flu, to telemarketers, offering great rates on credit cards and mortgage refinancing--AS IF). Not-so-thankfully, this resulted in us maxing out and in fact exceeding our cell phone minutes this month. now we have a monthly bill to pay for service three quarters of which we didn't even get to use and overage charges on our cell phone bill.

And just when we thought the computer was "back" it started being pissy again, no doubt in retaliation for all the havoc wreaked on it in the past month, taking forever to start up, running only parts of our Internet filter software and downright refusing to work at all unless in safe mode. I know, it's been through a lot and isn't taking any chances any more. But it's driving me batty! And Redheaded Snippet may never recover.

In the mean time, we've had family come and go, friends come and go, 3 days of 90 degree-plus-weather come and THANKFULLY go, rain and more rain, and now there are 5 confirmed cases of Swine Flu in our area. Yippee! I'm not all that worried; we're not rushing out to get our ultra-chic masks or anything, but the word, "pandemic", does tend to give one pause, does it not? They say it's because of its propensity to spread rapidly, not its severity, but still. I'm a mother. I have small(ish) children. And EGOD is convinced she heard the news say it had attacked the town next to ours. It hasn't, but that hasn't stopped her from calling us frantically.

Guess it was actually a good thing the phone wasn't working and all calls went to The Viking's cell phone! Hee hee hee, ha ha ha!

Ok, I don't have time for all this folderol. I've been a very bad wife/mother this week and I must make recompense. I was off my cooking game for some reason, making "cheat" meals, ruining another meatloaf (I tell ya...), throwing in the towel and begging The Viking to just run to the corner Chinese food place last night, it hasn't been pretty. I also don't think I've done any laundry this week with the exception of the load of towels I left on the line to dry, get re-washed in the soaking rain next morning and dry yet again that afternoon. In my defense, I wasn't feeling very perky (I won't bore-or disgust-you with the details), but all I accomplished was finishing all the Story levels and finding most of the Treasure Chests and Parcels in Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures on the Wii. True, Man-Cub and I were able to spend lots of happy hours together, bonding over our shared delight in this clever and most entertaining game. But, I have a lot to make up for. So I'm drawing up a menu and grocery list and heading out to the store to procure the necessary items in order to wow my family into forgetting all about this week. I think a nice pork tenderloin, some shepherd's pie and a dozen tacos (among other things) oughta do it. Hmmm...better throw in a can of cinnamon rolls or a box of Little Debbie's Oatmeal Creme Pies for good measure.

Right, so I'm off to find ways to manipulate my family. Wish me luck!

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