Sunday, December 07, 2008

You want photos? I got photos!!!!

Well, we're getting into the Holiday Mood over here at our Wits' End!

We've started putting up decorations, a wee, leetle bit at a time. I've gotten a big tin of Christmas tea and we've been sipping cups and cups of it while singing along to Christmas music and placing Christmas knick knacks here and there!

And, of course, the snow helps...

That's right, SNOW! It's no winter wonderland, but it was certainly enough to dust the region with a lovely layer of sparkle and charm. Snow before Christmas is always news here in South Jersey! How I wish I had photos!

Speaking of photos, gueeeeeeeeeess what else has helped tremendously to encourage that festive spirit?

Snow Dance Photos!

There they are, in all their glory! That's The Date. He's very nice boy from a very nice family. And don't I just sound like a mother?

It's blurry, I know, but something was wrong with Mom's camera. Here, you get a general idea of what her dress looked like. And can you make out her sparkly silver shoes?

The back of her dress. The straps were a bit long and kept slipping down her shoulders so I went to a thrift store and bought a rhinestone brooch and used it to clip the straps in the back. It worked like a charm and looked like it was made that way! Pay no attention to the load of laundry behind her (at least it's clean)!

A blurry close-up shot for your enjoyment. Even through the blur, isn't she lovely?

From blurry to grainy...this is one of the few that caught her at a candid moment when she wasn't concentrating on hiding her braces.

The Hair. Mom did it. Amazing, huh?

I don't think you can tell in this shot, but she had little rhinestones "screwed" in among her curls.

The Date was pretty nervous and both of them quite obviously felt very awkward, but they had a good time. They must have because he invited her to the mall yesterday (she declined) and they've been IMing all day long. But she insists they're just friends!

Being announced at the dance.

Thankfully, I taught her how to take a gentleman's arm and walk in heels.

There they are, the eighth-grade graduating class of 2008. I told you it was a small school!

The Fab Four at the pre-dance party...

...showing us the backs of their dresses...

...and a little leg...

Being 13-year-old girls...


Can't you just tell they had a blast? They were a little weepy as this is their last big dance before they leave for high school, but they didn't let it ruin their night. Part of me is glad it's over and another part is feeling wistful myself. I remember most of those kids from Kindergarten and now they're growing up. Ah, I sound so old!

Well, the week ahead is tremendously busy with basketball dinners, double-header basketball games, winter concerts and the first of our inevitably many Christmas parties. Plus, the hockey team is being recognized at this month's Board of Education meeting on Tuesday and I have to bake 4 dozen cookies and cupcakes for the concert Thursday night!

Tonight, I have to catch up on laundry (it never ends) and do the week's grocery shopping so we can hit this week head on and prepared!

I'd better go finish my lists!

P.S. Blogger's spell-check isn't working so I apologize for any typos or grammatical faux pas I may have missed!

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Lisa said...

OMG! She looks divine. And I am freaking out. My twin daughters are 11. That's only TWO years younger. Ack!!!