Wednesday, December 03, 2008


So, I've been feeling rather schlumpy since the passing of Thanksgiving, but things seem to be turning around. Of course, it is Wednesday, so things can't be all that great today, but a turn-around is still a turn-around.

Last night, I fell asleep while "reading" to Man-Cub. He was actually reading to me (I LOVE when he does that, it's adorable and I just get to gaze at his adorableness uninterrupted while he impresses me to my very toes with his mad reading skillz) so it was very easy to just slip into peaceful slumber. My last conscious memory was of him mumbling, "That's enough reading," as he rolled over onto his belly. I fell asleep smiling.

Consequently, I was awake and feeling dandy before the alarm clock went off this morning! Of course, the beeping of The Viking's fire scanner helped roll things along (there was an accident about 2 blocks away at 6:45). So, he bounded out of bed to rush to the fire station and I rolled to the middle of the bed to enjoy hogging all the flannelly goodness for an entire 15 minutes! I did hit the snooze once so I could luxuriate just a few minutes longer--nine to be exact, which brings up a question I've always had, why are all snooze buttons set to go off after nine minutes? It's a pretty precise number so some marketing committee had to decide on it after much deliberation. Why nine? Why not eight or an even ten? Have studies shown that the human body does not function optimally if allowed to resume sleep for more than nine minutes at a time? Or that any less than nine causes breakdowns in the brain and nervous system? It bugs me. Nine minutes!

Anyway, once the kids were off to school, I went and stripped the beds, tidied our bedroom, threw a load of laundry in the washer, folded a load out of the dryer and one that had been waiting on the couch since last night, did the dishes AND put them away, cleaned the sink, wiped down the counters and Mrs. C and by 10:00 I was sitting down here at the computer desk with a plate of sausage and eggs and a nice, hot cuppa. I love when I can blog guilt-free! I still have lots more to do (it being Wednesday and all) but dinner tonight is a no-brainer (my interpretation of a Kidz Meel: homemade burgers and tater tots) and the kids have a half day (which, really, is more trouble than it's worth: Man-Cub is done at 12:45 but Redheaded Snippet is after school for dance committee until 2:00, has to be back for basketball practice at 3:00 and then needs to be picked up at 5:00. I will have been up to the school 4 times when this day is over).

Once the dryer stops I'll have to put laundry away and then I think I'll tackle the pile of Halloween costume items which have been shuffled between the library and our bedroom for over a month now. I have to dig into the "attic" (a glorified closet at the top of the stairs), haul out gigantic plastic bags, and then stuff them back in again. And it's cold in there! Then it's the showers for me, one more load of laundry, making the beds and catching up on my reading for tonight's Bible study. I have two weeks worth of reading to do today, but I read fast.

Speaking of dinner (I did mention it a paragraph ago) I think I've missed two weeks of Menu Plan Mondays now. I blame Thanksgiving as I'm blaming it for everything I don't like right now. That's one good thing about the busyness and stress of the Holidays, you can blame it for everything. Forgot an appointment? Oh, dang Holidays! Abandoned your diet and gained 5 lbs? Stinking Holidays! Didn't call that "friend" back who always calls only to brag about her latest antique purchase or fabulous vacation? Drat those Holidays!

Well, considering those danged, dratted and stinking Holidays are upon us (a scant three weeks away, but who's counting?), I'd better get moving, huh? I've got some online shopping to do! Nothing like shopping in jimmy-jams and fuzzy slippers, am I right?

Right. Another cuppa and I'm set.

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