Friday, December 05, 2008

Tonight, Tonight, Won't Be Just Any Night...

Oh, there is excitement in the air! The very dust particles seem to be vibrating with it!

Tonight is the Snow Dance. Our school has a big, fat, important dance every year the first week of December for the junior high fry. The girls get manicures and sparkly shoes and fancy dresses and the boys wear suits and some of them even pair up and "go together". You know, corsages, boutonnieres, "I'll pick you up at 6:00," "Will he hold my hand," that sort of thing. And it's tonight.


We have, of course, been preparing for weeks and Redheaded Snippet is beside herself with anticipation. Her dress is shimmery midnight blue, her shoes are sparkling silver and she has a very nice date, but they're going as friends even though she's pretty sure he likes her. You know, likes her likes her.

Much of the eighth grade has paired up and watching the rituals has been most amusing. And adorable, but don't you tell any of them I said so. The girls are, obviously, traveling in packs and doing everything they can to scout out willing young gentlemen and encourage them to ask this or that girl who would be the perfect date for them. But, you know, the boys are not above using this tactic either. Friends have been playing scout and messenger all week long.

"Hey, I hear you're going to the Snow Dance with__________!"

"What? No, I'm not..."

"Well...would you if, you know, he/she, like, asked you/wanted you to ask her or something?"

"Sure, I guess" (OR, "Uh, not really...I'm just going with my friends.")

Conversations like these have been taking place all over town.

So, Mom is doing Snippet's hair, she did her mani/pedi last night and I have to run all over the county today looking for last-minute necessary items and make sure the house is clean enough for pictures when The Date and his parents arrive this evening (cause it will be too dark for outside photos).

I assure you, I will have scads of photos to share. Mom always sees to that. And The Viking will have the personal motivation to email them to his parents so he will see to it that they get into the computer.

I admit, I'm a little excited myself!


Amongst The Oaks said...

Oh what fun! We have a dance next weekend and the girls are both going. We shopped for dresses and accessories last month. Teen2 took a while to get into it, but she finally found a beautiful sapphire blue dress. Teen1 had no trouble trying on everything she saw and ended up with a beautiful green dress. I'll share photos later.

Why S? said...

I just want to tell you that you have a way of writing that makes parenthood sound so rewarding. If my parents had divulged any inkling of that aspect, I might have been tempted to try it myself.

Oh well.