Sunday, December 14, 2008

Whew, my head is spinning!

Okay, I'm too worn out to be brilliantly amusing this evening. You'll just have to do without.

It's been very busy around here (as I'm sure you can all understand, except you annoying people who had all your gifts bought, wrapped in vintage wrapping paper, trimmed with homemade gift tags and arranged artfully underneath your beautifully decorated, sparkling Christmas tree by November 28th).

Christmas preparations are progressing nicely. I do not yet feel that urge to crawl into a hole and hide until January 5th. But we're down to the last 10 days so if things are going to get really hairy, it's going to happen any moment.

We had a hideously busy week last week with two double-header basketball games, a Winter Concert and other things I had to attend but kind of sleep-walked through. I really hate all the obligatory activities we seem to have no choice but to be involved with every year at Christmas. Every organization one has any affiliation with has to have a Christmas party and one has to attend them all, lest one be thought of as a Scrooge or snob or loser. Well, maybe it's about time to just let people just think we're losers cause The Viking and I decided last night to institute a Thank-You-But-No policy for Christmas parties from this point henceforth and forthwith (whatever that means, it sound official). But that won't really help us because the biggest offender of the crime of stealing my precious time at Christmas is the school and we can't drop out of that. Cause if I homeschooled my kids, they'd be morons!

This week is a bit better but not by much. And we have to go visit with the in-laws at the end of the week so that casts a definite pall over every day leading up to it. I'm making their gifts so, obviously, I have to have them finished by Friday night and that will take up any time I'm not running Redheaded Snippet back and forth to and from the school.

The good news is we've gotten our tree, most of our shopping is done and, as soon as The Viking returns from the grocery store, I'll have all the ingredients I need to start making our Christmas crafts! I wanted to get the ornaments baked tonight so they'd be dry in time to paint them before we go away Saturday, but if he gets back too late, I may just have to do them tomorrow.

We've managed to do what we've always said we're going to do and have simplified things this year. The kids aren't getting much, but they're getting things they really want. I'd tell you what those things are, but Redheaded Snippet likes to read this from time to time so I can't take any chances (Hi, Sweetie, and nice try)! We're preparing a smaller feast, a smaller Traditional Christmas Brunch and are making more of the gifts this year (though I don't believe for a minute that it has saved us any money--if I told you what we spent at Michael's today...).

All I have left is my Secret Santa gift (I have my BIL, Lenny), one gift for Man-Cub, a few stocking stuffers, a gift for EGOD, the ornaments to bake, my in-laws gift to finish, and the Christmas Dinner Menu to prepare, but as that is very similar to the Thanksgiving menu, that will be pretty easy.

Hmmmm, that actually sounds like a lot! I guess I'm not as ready as I thought I was! But it's better than I usually am, so that's progress!

Well, it's that time again. Time to log off and get something productive done around here. I think I hear The Viking in the driveway which means it's baking time for me!

Off to scurry around my Christmas workshop!


Pieceful Afternoon said...

Wow - busy busy busy. But what a festive time of the year - you'll have great memories in years to come.

Susancnw said...

Much busier than I...but what are you making for the in laws?