Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Almost Summer Edition

I've decided to do this week's installment in chronological order, rather than in standard PHFR format. Today's weather is too gorgeously perfect for me to waste time thinking about how to arrange my photos

*And speaking of weather: I think it would interest Auntie Leila and her minions to know that I have the AC off, the windows open and fans in windows on the eastern side of the house. It works on days like today when it's dry and not like the inside of someone's mouth. It's glorious, in fact. But the minute the humidity rises, we're sealing the house up again and cranking the central air down to 68 degrees!


A package in the mail!  Two of them!  For ME!  I love getting mail, especially things that have to be opened with sharp kitchen knives!

I ordered a copy of my favorite poem book.  My mom has this book.  It was a gift from my aunt in the late '70s and Mom used to read to us from it every night before bed.  Her copy is now falling apart and held together by rubber bands.

Last winter I found it on Amazon and gave a copy to each of my sisters for Christmas but forgot to get one for myself.  And a few weeks ago I was shopping on Amazon again and suddenly remembered it so I ordered one.  I was lucky enough to find a vintage copy in brand new condition.  I love old books; they smell and feel so different from new ones.


This is what I was shopping for when I remembered the book of poems: a new duvet cover for spring and summer.  I have a lovely flannel duvet cover that Mom made for me out of flat sheets but I only use it during the colder six months of the year.  In April I pack it away and bring out the thin cotton cover.  Only last year, we finally busted a hole in the one we've had for years (it wasn't really "we", it was "him" who did the busting).  And I went shopping all over for a new one and had to settle on one I hate because it was serviceable and inexpensive.

Real--Real Ugly and Stupid

It may not seem all that bad (despite the poorly made bed in the above shot), but trust me.  It's got an ugly grid pattern on it, it's the wrong color blue, being more of a toothpaste kind of color than the pale blue I was hoping for, and it is somehow seriously misshaped, bunching on the bottom and never laying right!  I hate it and my hatred for it has continued to grow since I bought it and when I saw the new cover for only $20 I snapped it up!  It's very thin which is kind of nice because it's for warmer weather.  It may not last more than two years, but for $20 I won't cry very much when The Viking kicks a hole in this one, too.

See?  Pretty!

I'm not usually into stripes this bold (and, keep in mind, this was another quick bed-making morning) but, this time, I rather like it.  And, no, my patterns don't all match exactly, but I like it that way.  And now I don't hate the way my bed looks!  All for $20!  Yay!

A Series of Happy and Funny

Pool's open!  Today was one of those days I wish we had a deck around it so I could sit out there with them and dip my toes in and read magazines.

She floated around like Cleopatra on her barge with her book and Popsicle.  And, no, the book didn't fall in!

Calvin popped up and scared me while I was trying to get another shot...

He's not trying to punch her; he's Mr. Universe!

"Entering the pool now, competing for the United States in the Men's Water Dancing event..."

Me and Calvin, playing Sea World...(Also, look, Ma, no cavities!)

Good boy!

She finally abandoned the school book for texting, despite my warnings that if that phone fell into the pool, she wouldn't be getting another one and it would be life without a phone for her.

And now another dose of unpleasant reality (at least for me):

Real *sigh*

Senior portraits.  Already.  She hasn't even passed her Junior year yet.  This is all happening way too fast...

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