Saturday, May 12, 2012

A devastatingly gorgeous May day (in which we complete yet another trial run for hair: this time for Prom #2)

Tra-la! It's May, the lusty month of May! That lovely month when everyone goes blissfully astray! Ok, maybe not, but today's weather is toe-curlingly, mind-blowingly, swooningly exquisite. I have always said that Autumn is my favorite season but I told Redheaded Snippet today, "On days like today I could easily be unfaithful to Autumn with Spring!" These are the days that give May her scandalous reputation.

I had lots of work to do so I put aside the makeup and stuffed my hair in a scarf. I've been practicing the Rosie The Riveter look and thought I'd try it out today.  I'd say I had mixed success.  Redheaded Snippet said, immediately upon seeing me, "You look like Rosie the Riveter."  BINGO!  Calvin stopped short and said, "What is wrong?  What is that on your head?"  BOYS.

I have been charged with the task of setting Redheaded Snippet's hair for Prom #2 coming up this Friday.  Mom has a previous engagement and won't be able to do it.

And as I've never done it before and am not known for my manual dexterity (makeup brushes not withstanding), we decided we needed a trial run.  For my sake.

Since it was so jaw-slackeningly perfect outside and we were going to be sitting for quite a while, we decided to do the job on the porch.  Not a bad way to spend the early part of an afternoon, I must say!  And I think, though it took me longer than I wanted it to, that I might do just fine.

For some reason, she insisted on completing this part indoors.  We got this bonnet attachment for about $7 at the beauty supply store.  It attaches to any hair dryer.  I think it's rather brilliant.

You know, for such a stage monkey, she sure gets tired of photos quickly.

I think she was also a little underwhelmed by the state of her curls.  She was hoping for tight, bouncy ones, I think, which just isn't happening with her fine hair.

Still, what we're going for is mainly body and some additional volume so I think we'll be just fine.  Especially in Mom's hands.

We're going for another retro look: this time think Grace Kelly.  That's all I'll say for now.

In other news, what do you do on a gorgeous Spring day when your husband asks you to brew him a refreshing beverage and you find not only a carton of blackberries in the fridge but also a bonus pack in the freezer?

Why, you make blackberry iced tea, of course!

The perfect cap the perfect Spring day!  Next time I'd adding mint and, perhaps, a twist of lime!
Happy Maying!

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