Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: The Calm Before The Storm

round button chicken
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I was all set to do a very profound and timely post about contentment and gratitude and thanksgiving and Thanksgiving and then I remembered how disorganized and busy I am!

So here is much more sensible post for your viewing enjoyment.


Meet Cyril.  I don't know what kind of plant he is.  A dear friend gave him to me for my birthday and she didn't know what kind he is either.  But I don't think you understand how monumental it is that I have a living plant in my possession--a plant that has been kept alive since JUNE.  I have never been able to sustain the life of anything that lacks the capability of either making noise or walking up to me and demanding nourishment.  This is YUGE!


These are extra long Twizzlers.  But then, you can read, can't you, so that was unnecessary.  Anyway, these make me happy because they make The Viking very, very happy.  The Viking (along with his clone, Redheaded Snippet) is partial to what we call goop-based candies (as opposed to the truly delicious chocolate-based varieties).  He will do almost anything for a Swedish Fish.  But Twizzlers are a very close second.  He came home with this pack of extra longs and proceeded to show me all the fun and creative ways one can eat them.  One method involved draping them over his ears.  I am not making that up.

You can see how conducive these are for ear drapage

I asked Calvin to please help me demonstrate the scale of the extra longs.  He was happy to oblige.

"I'm a helicopter!"

And now for our segue into Real:

Remember this photo from last week?

Well, would you look at what happened next?  Things have gone from bad to worse.  At least someone replaced the roll...

Finally, this is our front porch (as seen through the dining room window), also known as the living room porch because it's off of the living room.  A new friend is moving to Texas this week (Boo Hoo) and donated the rest of her family's woodpile to us (those brown tubs are filled with kindling and there is more wood than meets the eye here).  The Viking was most happy to take it, but has been so busy he could only plop it here on the porch for now (there's more still in the back of his truck).  Also note the cans of spray paint left from making Calvin's Gimli helmet and the glasses and candles from The Viking's last candlelit whiskey and cigar vigil.  He likes to go out there with his laptop, a cigar, a glass of whiskey and some candles and relax.  And I don't say a peep about it because if ever a man deserves it, it's my Viking!


justamouse said...

In my house, we call spontaneous plant suicide the Black Thumb of Death. I have it. My mother, on the other hand, manages 5 Home Despot garden centers.

Cigars, whiskey and a laptop? Your viking and my vitamin man would get along swell!

Anonymous said...

I am also a Black Thumb! You should be very proud of your plant! Good luck with the toilet paper holder...


Anonymous said...

I like the phrase "ear drapage." I think there should be a contest to see how many times one could use that in conversation or blogging.--Bethanne