Thursday, April 28, 2011

A most blessed Easter

With one glaring exception (Dad was unable to spend the afternoon with us, due to unforeseen circumstances, the repetition of which will only bore us all to sobs), Easter was a most wondrous day! I am really going to try very hard to keep quiet and let the photos speak for themselves with only necessary commentary along the way.

The festivities began, as usual, with egg dyeing right after church on Saturday night. We got started a wee bit later than usual this year because Redheaded Snippet was baptized this week and we went out for dinner afterwards to celebrate. But that only added to the celebratory feeling!

Notice how focused they are. If only you could appreciate how very rare this is: the two of them still, quiet and focused. It's a much lesser Easter miracle.

Also notice their identical expressions. Peas in a pod.

Man-Cub provided the crayons. While it is indeed remarkable that he has managed to hold on to such a large number of a box of crayons he was given years, that's years, ago, understandably, many of the identifying parts of their wrappers have long since disappeared. So a palette of sorts was needed in order to determine each crayon's true colors. Fortunately for our creative endeavors, my old grocery list was handy.

That green egg became horribly cracked in a tragic over-boiling incident. So we decided to try to work with it. It's difficult to see but it's supposed to be a dinosaur's head. I thought Daria did a fabu job with it.

Mom, Dad and Daria came to church with us and afterwards, we headed down the shore for the rest of the day! In Jersey, you don't go to the beach or go to the shore; you go down the shore. Don't ask me why. Ocean City (NJ, not MD) is the best family beach destination and we are fortunate to be within 2 hours of it.

The obligatory stop at the sunglasses racks to try on all the goofy sunglasses.

Somewhere we have a photo of us on one of these boardwalk benches from just one week after our wedding. I should dig that up but I think it might make us cry. Or hurl.

This girl cannot resist a camera!

It was still too cold to go in the water, but our little beach monkey could still run himself silly on the beach! And he did, oh, he did!

My beautiful man o' dreams.

"Bad news. The ice cream shop is closed."

"Don't worry, we'll go back to the boardwalk to Kohr Bros instead."

We strolled the boards, ate boardwalk fries, drank lemonade, enjoyed frozen custard with jimmies, laughed, played and had an all-around fantastical time!

And no family outing of ours would be complete without a funny sign spotting. I leave you with this:

That's the Jersey shore for ya!

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