Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Ah, sweet spring (and a project preview of sorts)!

So we have nearly perfect spring weather here in South Jersey. The sun is bright, the air is breezy and it's still slightly chilly so we can be comfortable without having to be half naked (and UGLY).

The days are longer, the windows are open and a feeling of relaxation is slowly descending on us all.

Even Joe.

There is a mockingbird that seems to like the hydrangea bush just outside the kitchen door. We heard loud chirping this morning and Man-Cub (who has a developing interest in birding) cocked his head to the side (very birdlike) and said, "Oh, that's a tufted purple jay?" We looked outside and saw the clever mimic sitting in the bare stalks of the hydrangea, singing its heart out. He flew away, but moments later was back again, resuming its song. He keeps flying off but returning to the same bush and his singing is making my day!

As for the project, it's been little over a year since we've had one and The Viking has been getting antsy. And now the perfect opportunity has presented itself. Because of The Viking's back problems (3 herniated discs) we recently purchased a Sleep Number bed. Friends had recommended it and we decided to give it a go because Papa Bear was complaining that the bed was too soft while Mama Bear was horrified at the idea of having to sleep on a harder one!

The kind Sleep Number people give you 30 days to sleep on the bed to see if you want to keep it. I used to think this was very generous of them, but now I see that it is just good business. During the first two weeks of sleeping on that bed, I thought I was going to go on a murderous rampage. First is was too hard, then it was too soft! I wasn't sleeping! I was tossing and turning, then hobbling around like an old woman from hip and shoulder pain! The Viking wasn't liking it either.

This was all complicated by the ironic fact that the model we were trying, being the bare-bones, no-fills, el cheapo deluxe model, has no numbers on it anywhere. It is the very rare Numberless Sleep Number bed. You kind of have to imagine what your sleep number is. That was, of course, irritating.

But we got used to it. We decided to keep our memory foam topper and each managed to find our perfect mattress firmness. Of course, the noise from the pump is about as loud as a plane landing on the roof and thus extremely terrifying when used in the middle of the night, but it has proved to be worth it. We are both sleeping comfortably in the same bed again (The Viking had taken to sleeping on the love seat of all places and I just wasn't liking that at all).

Aaaaanyway, because we have the new bed, we need a new bed frame. Our old one was made for a box spring and, okay, was held up primarily by cinder blocks. We're just that trashy. The new one needs a platform-type frame. So The Viking is going to make one!

And that leaves us with an extra Queen-size box spring and mattress which we've decided to move into Redheaded Snippet's room. She has a lumpy, old double bed in there now and as she's been asking us for a new mattress and we occasionally use her room as a guest room, it just makes sense. And that will throw off the rest of the furnishings in her room just enough to make for a good, but not overwhelming or expensive, project.

We're trying to find the most frugal way to do this. In other words, without having to buy two totally new (overpriced) beds. Redheaded Snippet has her heart set on a wrought iron bed, but she may just have to deal. So we're researching our options as far as getting a conversion kit, attaching the current double headboard to a new metal Queen frame, finding a great deal on a headboard somewhere (craigslist, ebay, freecycle, yard sales, etc), or even The Viking making everything himself (except for the wrought iron, obviously).

The madness is scheduled to begin this weekend. Stay tuned...


Leila said...

So funny. Getting a new mattress is truly an exercise in raw humanity. To find yourself pining for the old lumpy broken down thing you called a bed...humiliating.

We did the same thing...I put my old bed upstairs on the 3rd floor to double as a guest room (now that I have 2 married couples!). Found an old iron bed at a local "antiques" mall and spray-painted it red.

You know, a queen is only a little wider than a double. I think you can put the Q mattress on the D boxspring temporarily and disguise the whole thing with lots of bedding, until a good solid thrifted Q size frame shows up! At least, I saw someone in a magazine do that with a 3/4 frame and double mattress!

Pippajo said...

Your advice is exactly what The Viking suggested this afternoon. Looking for an old iron bed online was not nearly the fun I thought it would be. Seems sellers are on to the fact that their old iron beds are hot commodities and the prices were not what I'd call frugal. But maybe I can have fun shopping for vintage sheets instead...

Angela (Cottage Magpie) said...

Those Queen beds DO come along once in awhile. I got one at a flea market that was happening for one weekend only in a parking lot in a town that I don't usually go to -- just drove through that day, decided to walk around, and whammo -- vintage iron bed, queen size, headboard, footboard, rails, everything, for.... $50. YES. So it does happen.

And yes, a Queen is only 5 inches longer and 6 inches wider than a Double.

I don't know how frugal your frugal budget is, but another option is IKEA -- they have a really cute iron style bed that's $179. Which isn't frugal by my definition, but certainly not as expensive as many other options.

Can't wait to hear how it goes! (And congrats on the new bed for you! Yay!)


Pippajo said...

Hi, Angela! I have been wishing and hoping (and even praying) for a thrifty find like yours but am not sure how else to make that happen...

My budget is definitely more $50-frugal! $179 does not cut it for me either!

I think we've solved our problem without the dreamy iron bed (which I will be posting about soon) though if one miraculously comes along, I'll be snapping it up anyway!