Thursday, November 12, 2009

Still No Photos

So, I've decided what I want for Christmas: my OWN camera and my OWN flash drive!

This is getting ridiculous; I can't take any photos unless I can find Redheaded Snippet's camera which is the only working camera left in the family and I can't post the self-same photos unless I find the self-same Snippet's flash drive which is also the only one in the family. Why does she get all the good stuff around here? I WANT SOME GOOD STUFF!

I took photos of my weekly menu and grocery list to share. Oh, I know, your disappointment is palpable, even through time and space. But I don't like posting without photos anymore and I had all kinds of things to expound on from my menu and grocery list. Good Heavens, what has my life come to? Just kidding, I'm a Housewife, this is how we do.

I also strong-armed Redheaded Snippet into letting me take photos of her latest head injury. She is healing quite nicely and is enjoying her new-found fame because of it. Apparently, word spread quickly throughout the Athletic Community at school and people are starting to call her Harry Potter. This is not nearly as amusing to her as it is to me. I told her she needs to periodically wince, rub it a bit and choke out, "He's getting closer," but she just rolled her eyes at me. She is also not amused by having to get wrapped up by the trainer before each and every practice and game and looking like she should be marching with a fife next to a drummer boy. But, hey, at least she's playing!

Speaking of playing, the 2009 field hockey season is rapidly coming to a close and I find it all rather bittersweet. This was such an exciting season in so many ways and I do enjoy going to the games and watching Redheaded Snippet play and then reading about it in the paper the next day. But, the pace is kind of exhausting and I would like to be able to have normal meal times and evenings and not have to sit outside in cold and/or wet weather so much. But, for better or worse, we have a maximum of four games left and then Redheaded Snippet's first year of high school field hockey is over. It feels like it has just begun. Of course, if we lose this afternoon, the season is over today, but there's a really good chance that won't happen (but of course you never know). Thankfully, today's game is only 30 minutes away, unlike the rest of them which are over an hour away, but it is raining and chilly so there's that to deal with. I need to see if I can dig up a few ponchos...

Right, so it's off to the laundry pits for me. I should get something accomplished at some point today...

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