Monday, November 09, 2009

In Stitches

Aye, what a day.

Got a call at 5:00 from Redheaded Snippet's hockey coach. This is odd, I was thinking to myself when I answered, practice isn't over yet.

Turns out Snippet took a hit to the head. Again. This time it was above her left eyebrow and the culprit was a hockey stick. And though she wasn't presenting any of the symptoms of concussion this time, there was quite obviously the need for several stitches.

So, I ran over to the school, made arrangements for Man-Cub and made my way over to the ER where Mom and, later, The Viking met us.

The cut wasn't long and it was nice and clean, but it was deep--all the way down to the skull--GROSS! I couldn't look at it, it made my stomach churn. I just held her hand, stroked her arm and looked up at the ceiling or tv screen.

We were there several hours as we asked for a plastic surgeon to come and stitch her up. The cut begins in her eyebrow and I didn't want her to walk around looking sinister with a wonky eyebrow the rest of her life. If you look closely you can see 12 neat, tiny stitches in pretty blue thread (or whatever the technical, medical name for suture thread is). And while I don't think it will be a cool Harry Potter-esque one, she will most likely have a scar. One teammate yelled, as she was leaving the field for the trainer's office, "If you have a lightning-bolt scar, I'm gonna be so jealous!"

So, all's well that ends well and now I just have to get Redheaded Snippet to agree to let me take photos! The Viking is plying her with all her favorite treats so I think it's the least she can do in return!

I would say that is enough excitement for one day, wouldn't you? I think I need a strong, hot cup of tea and an early bedtime.


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Amongst The Oaks said...

Oh Lordy!
Poor kid. Teen2 needed stitches in her eyebrow several years ago and we didn't ask for a plastic surgeeon, so she has a wonky eyebrow now...
Isn't it strange how injuries to your precious children make your stomach do that flippity thing? It's something I could do without, I'll tell you.