Friday, November 06, 2009

Getting Ready!

Things are getting busy around here! We're beginning our preparations for Thanksgiving! I began preliminary (read: within the confines of my fevered, little brain) plans the very day after Halloween. No more of this last-minute nonsense for me! I've got little less than three weeks and I am going to be READY!

Part of those preparations included redecorating this here blog. What do you think? I'm still going to be making some changes, but the major things are done Hopefully it's not too crazy on the eyes.

Well, I've got more photos to upload for later sharing and a few posts to catch up on, but right now, I've got to finish the grocery shopping. The kids are off from school, The Viking and Redheaded Snippet have a concert at church tonight and Daria is willing to accompany me if I act now, so I have a very brief window in which to complete this arduous task. So, I'd better fly!

One more thing: I've decided to peek cautiously out of my cave and come above ground again. I've been thinking about it for a while and I think it may be safe. But we'll see...

Until next time,

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ej said...

I was so pleasantly surprised to find my google reader full of your blog posts today. I was always a quiet lurker but missed you when you disappeared! I will post comments if it means you'll stay above ground! Happy shopping!
A mommy to 3 little vikings!