Sunday, July 05, 2009

Fathers' Day

It's been weeks since I've posted and so much has happened so I'm trying to play catch up!

First, Fathers' Day.

The Viking and my father and Man-Cub went out for a Manly Men's' Camp Out on the beach for Fathers' Day. The three of them usually think of something to do together each year and it's become a nice, little tradition. This year it was Island Beach State Park. They decided to pitch a tent, make a fire and camp out on the beach.

While the actual camping out part was a wee bit of a disaster (too windy to pitch the tent so they had to sleep sitting up in the truck) they did manage to have fun. Man-Cub flew his kite...

This was his "Action Shot". I'm not sure what action this is exactly, but Man-Cub does.

He LOVES the beach! The Viking said he was in his glory playing in the sand, running through the surf, climbing on the jetty. All with lollipop in hand.

I'm sure The Viking was trying to get a "nice" shot of him here. You know, suitable for sending to Grandparents and Great-Aunties. Instead he got a photo shoot of Calvin minus Hobbes.

This is one my most favorite shots of Man-Cub ever and I really want to use it as our Christmas card photo this year. I probably won't, but I'd like to.

I guess at some point the sugar and sea air wore off a bit and he mellowed out. Or maybe The Viking bribed him big time to get him to appear all calm and pensive for a few seconds. He's probably staring off into space, pondering life's most profound questions. He does that. When he's not bouncing off the walls, building Lego civilizations or tormenting his sister.

The very boy himself is standing right next to me blowing into a snorkel like a ram's horn. Between blasts he's giving me fierce looks and asking WHEN am I going to be done so I can watch Order of the Phoenix with him.

How on earth can I ignore an invitation like that?

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