Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ah, Summer

(Black Eyed Susans beginning to bud along the fence)

I don't usually like Summer. It is my least favorite season because of the weather. I find I am very profoundly affected by the weather. And Summer's oppressive heat and humidity just makes me miserable.

(Praying Mantis lounging in the hydrangea along the kitchen steps)

This Summer, thus far, has been different. The weather all through June was exceptionally cool and rainy. You couldn't take three steps out your door without bumping into someone complaining heartily about all the rain. But I loved it! It was cool, it was comfortable, we could sleep with the windows open! And now, here we are almost into the middle of July and the weather has been perfect; warm, hot even, but without a trace of humidity, just the way I like it! I've been in such a good mood and I find I've been actually enjoying Summer for the first time!

Look! Here I am at age 2? Maybe 3? In my bathing suit at a family cookout, clearly not enjoying Summer. Bet it was really hot and sticky that day! Well, I was a bit of a brat, so let's move on...

Here's The Viking at roughly the same age enjoying his Summer out by the camper. I love those sunglasses perched atop his tousled, little, blond head. He was so adorable--and still is!

While I don't particularly enjoy the season of Summer in general, there are several things I like very much about it. I love when the plants and flowers bud and grow full and we deck the house out in its patriotic garb. I also love when 14-year-old girls abandon computers, phones, tvs and video games in favor of spending hours sitting on the front steps or in the tree swing reading books. Can you see her? She's brushing up on Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince just in time to see the movie this week (we've already got our tickets--squee).

(August 1991)

Lots of good things have happened to me in the Summer. The Viking and I began dating in the Summer (of 1991--egad). We married in the Summer (three years later). And Redheaded Snippet was born in the Summer (1 year later). Man-Cub was born in the early Spring but we are so relieved that he was actually born safely we don't care when he was born!

(July 1991)

I threw this one in here because I was looking for photos that reminded me of Summer and this is one of my favorites! This was taken just a few days after The Viking and I had started dating. We were visiting a friend's house in Maine and had the opportunity to go water skiing. I was full of that starry-eyed wonder you have for a man you've just started dating and was taking photos of him all day long. I know, weird for me, right? This wasn't the best shot I took that day, but, for some reason, it's one of the few that have survived and when I look at it, I am transported right back to that carefree, innocent and exciting Summer at the beginning of our courtship.

(Life is a bowl of cherries)

I don't really have a point to this post. I've just been musing about how unusually much I've enjoyed this Summer so far which got me to thinking about other Summer delights. And then I piled these cherries in this bowl for a snack and I suddenly wanted to take a photo.

(Detail of hosta flower along front porch)

I hear (and feel) that our old nemesis the humidity is coming back today. We had several hours of thunderstorms last night that heralded its loathsome return. And so, I will probably spend the rest of the Summer cooped up in my nicely chilled house complaining about the condensation on the windows and and the elevated electric bill. And if there is a freak dry but warm day scattered hither and yon throughout the next few weeks I'll make the most of it, throwing open windows and finding excuses to drive around with the sunroof open and the wind in my hair. We might even brave a day or two at the beach for the kids sake.

But having had the past six weeks to enjoy, I won't complain quite as much. And I'll have a lot more added to the "good" pile of Summer Memories.

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