Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Wanna Peek?

Genie costume is finished!

The play is Thursday and the first Dress Rehearsal was tonight. So, here are some shots of the costume with only minimal makeup done (keep that in mind; makeup for the performance will be worlds better)!

Is that braid amazing, or what? Mom was a genius, snapping it up at that yard sale

What's really weird is the braid doesn't match Redheaded Snippet's hair color exactly. There's not a trace of red in it. But it matches closely enough that nobody seems to notice.

Here's the bodice, completely homemade by my Mom. It was a pain in the neck. The fabric, bought because it was on sale, was impossible to work with, has no give, and splotches easily. The trim came from an old genie costume made from an even older dress (I think you may remember that, Dharma).

The bottom half of the costume, also made by Mom. That light blue fabric was no picnic either: anyone who came within 8 inches of the stuff found themselves instantly covered in glitter and it was gummy; it totally gummed up two of Mom's sewing machine needles and I had to make an emergency Walmart run to get her a new pack.

Somehow, while this looks very nice, it doesn't look quite ostentatious enough to me. I had pictured her looking a little outrageous and not as pretty. But she loves it and so did her director.

She was sick and tired of me taking photos by this time. I made her pose but couldn't make her look happy about it.

But she came through after all. There you have it, one homemade genie costume. She has to be at school in full makeup and costume at 7:30 tomorrow morning. Which means I have to get up at 6:00 to get her done in time. Which means I really should be in bed already!

Good night!

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