Monday, February 25, 2008

Seven-Minute Lull

When I was in college, and wild and crazy, a girl in my circle of other wild and crazy friends told us all that someone with too much time and too little imagination had once discovered and documented that in any conversation, there is an unpleasant lull on average every seven minutes. And whenever we as a group of wild and crazy friends, experienced said lull, that friend would pipe up, "Seven-Minute Lull!" After a while, we all started doing it. And now I do it around my family and no one has any idea what I'm talking about and I do not feel like explaining. Except that I just did to anyone who stumbles across me on the Internet so that's a bit strange.

Anyway, I feel I'm in a bit of a Seven-Minute Lull, if you will. The Holidays are long-gone, basketball season is over, winter is winding down, and we've recovered from the illnesses that descended upon the household. Ahead lies Man-Cub's birthday, Easter, several weekend retreats for various members of the family, the advent of Spring, and the birth of Lobelia's baby boy, for whom I need to start working on a blog name. The months ahead will be increasingly busy, but, for now, there is nothing to do but sit a spell and sigh as I wait for the chaos to roll in.

For those wondering, we did indeed get our snow. It was just the kind we needed, too. The weather gods were indeed benevolent and gracious to us. We got 2-3 inches, got our SNOW DAY, on a Friday no less, everything looked lovely, and it's still hanging on. But it wasn't enough to cause county-wide panic or runs on displays of milk, bread and toilet paper everywhere, or to keep us house-bound. There were accidents, of course, but no more than there usually are when more than a centimeter of snow falls on this area.

I am much appeased. Now that I've had my Snow Day and my afternoon of being startled every time Man-Cub throws a snowball at the window in front of me, I can relax and look ahead to Spring. I'm not quite ready to bid adieu to Old Man Winter just yet, and wouldn't complain to a late snow storm, but I do know that in about 3 weeks' time, the wind will shift and the tree frogs will come out. And the first peep of the tree frogs in March is right up there with the first spicy of whiff of woodsmoke in September on my list of favorite things.

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J Auclair said...

I had heard it was every 20 minutes. (And that was also when I was in college.)