Saturday, February 02, 2008

Nerves, nerves, nerves

I only have a few minutes, but I'm trying to keep myself busy and not freak out because we're supposed to be at the gig in only 18 minutes and The Viking isn't even home yet, let alone showered and changed.

Yes, the show goes on! I was a good girl all week and didn't talk and my voice seems to have responded well to all the pampering. It isn't back to its usual strength or range, but thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can turn the volume on my mike way up and lower the key of every song by at least a third with only the touch of the "transpose" button! I have always been more of an acoustic girl at heart, but in situations like these, you can't beat the convenience of an electric keyboard.

I'm dressed, primped and preened and jittery, waiting at the desk near the door. I hope he hasn't lost track of the time. I hope he's not in trouble somewhere. He's not answering his cell phone. Again. Maybe he's at the fire station (the venue for tonight's event) setting up sound equipment even now. Maybe he took his suit with him and is changing there. I don't think so, but I can give him the benefit of the doubt.

This is the first time we're singing/playing for a fire department function and only the third time we've ever performed in town so I'm rather nervous. I don't really know what to expect tonight. We're supposed to be singing in the background while everone enjoys their dinner, but sometimes these things turn out way different, with everyone stopping in their tracks and sitting, staring at us while we play. That always unnerves me. And small, close groups make me more nervous than large, impersonal ones. I'd rather be in a concert hall with stage lights blinding me to the mass of people I'm facing than sit all cozy in a small cafe with the people so close I could kick them.

I'm so glad to be feeling better. I was really getting tired of all that miming. Plus, Man-Cub seems to have caught it and I don't think this household could handle two of us like that at once.

Okay, I'd better go. He's still not here, but I am still planning on being where I'm supposed to at the right time. It's time to leave.

I'll try to pop back in later and let you know how it went. Maybe I can even get some photos!


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