Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Oh my aching back!

My wonderfully helpful friend just left and, boy, am I tired!

To the naked eye, my kitchen looks no different, but on the inside, where it truly counts, it is much improved. And all the boxes formerly laying siege in my dining room are now disarmed and deposed.

I threw out at least two boxes of stuff because, apparently, I have too much stuff. And I still have too much stuff, but my lovely friend was being kind to me today and let me hold on to it for a little longer. The problem is I've managed to collect too many silly little things that I think are lovely and want to display. And I have very little counter space, which I also think is lovely and would like to display. And those two things are at cross purposes with each other. Sigh.

There are still several trouble spots that need some attention, but at least the boxes are gone. One giant step closer to getting my dining room back and sitting around a table as a family!


smilnsigh said...

Hello! I just came over from Since I love cottages, I'm adding yours, to my list of Cottage Blogs I love to stop by.

Do I live in a cottage? No, in the same 2 story family home, we raised our family in. And we'll most likely stay here, like 'forever.' :-) But that doesn't stop me from being enamoured of cottages.

I get library books on cottages. I read you lucky people who blog about your cottages. I even {are you ready for this?} make believe that the rooms we {my husband and I} still make regular use of, are all on one floor and are really a _cottage_! I just kind of blank out extra bedrooms and the like. Oh and the stair to upper floor too.

Well, I don't blank out the stairs when I have to use them, but... ,-)

Anyway, you have another reader, enjoying your cottage saga. Please come over and visit in my 2 blogs soon. My regular one and the one where I put some pictures of my city. More there {pic blog}, when weather warms up and snow goes bye-bye. :-)


Leslie said...

Oh there's nothing like feeling the weight of chaos and clutter lifting off of you!!

I dream of one day feeling that again myself. ::grin::

Peg said...

Good on you for getting the boxes empty. I know what you mean about some things being difficult to part with - in time, some of them may leave for another home!
I moved 23 times, so I know all about boxes and I always unpacked 'every' box within the first two weeks - except for Christmas decorations! I know people who moved unpacked boxes for over 10 years. That would drive me crazy!