Monday, February 12, 2007

Now we're gettin' into the fun stuff!

Today was another productive day at our little cottage. Running water has been restored to the kitchen and the dishwasher performed its inaugural wash and dry cycle. The garbage disposal isn't connected yet, nor is the drain from the sink, so we can't dump anything in there, but we can surely fill the kettle at the sink once more!

I went out seeking a pair of stools for the island and a mat to go underneath them this afternoon and didn't find anything suitable, but I DID find a few other things I couldn't pass up:

I found these strawberry dishes at Home Goods, along with the sign behind them. I love that store; it's like a retail rummage sale! I always leave with some little treasure I've managed to unearth from the piles of goods clogging the shelves. I'm thinking of maybe using the bigger dish as a spoon rest, and maybe the smaller one for change and spare keys. I don't know, but I have a friend with great organizational skills coming over soon to help me put everything back better than it was before, and I'm sure she'll have some good ideas.

I didn't get this today, but at Goodwill a few weeks ago. It was $2 and I knew it was just the right color for the kitchen, plus it matches the cup to my great-grandmother's old egg beater that I plan to display (once I unpack it). Behind it is another Goodwill find, my $3 lamp. I topped it with a $6 shade from Lowe's and, voila, a great cottage lamp for less than $10!

I had been looking at signs similar to this on ebay and was glad to find one at Home Goods today. It's metal and was only $6 and I've been gazing contemplatively at the walls all night trying to determine the perfect spot for it. I really like it propped up against the backsplash, but counter space is kind of precious, even in this newly spruced-up version of the kitchen, so I doubt I'll be able to leave it there.

I have a few other things that I've been collecting since I decided on the color scheme two years ago, but they're packed away and will have to wait their turn before coming out to serve their purpose. It's going to be hard waiting until all the utilitarian stuff is situated before I can start gilding the lily!

Well, I'd better get myself to bed. I have a lot of things to catch up on tomorrow (such as laundry, grocery shopping and planning My Boy's birthday party) and I had hoped to make it a sewing day: I'm longing to bring forth the lovely red ticking fabric and whip up some cottage valances and a sink skirt! And, hopefully, I'll be dumping slop down my kitchen drain in time for the dinner bell!

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VaxGirl said...

Your kitchen is looking fabulous! I love that you're putting a little skirt under the sink.