Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Coming Down the Home Stretch Part I

One of the things I did not foresee with this kitchen project was the complete disruption of my computer usage. Of course, hindsight is 20/20, and "duh", but it hadn't occurred to me that blogging was going to be a problem even though the computer was formerly housed in the kitchen and I was fully aware that it was going to have to be moved. I figured we'd just set it up elsewhere in the house (which we did) and everything would be fine computer-wise (which it was not). The phone line was inaccesible for a time and then we decided to switch phone services, which did not go as smoothly as planned. We were without Internet access for a horribly long time, and without phone services for a while too. Very primitive.

So, needless to say, I'm way behind on posting kitchen progress. As of the last post the floor was finished, and we were geting ready to start painting the cabinets and building the pantry.

Here's the pantry framed up and spackled, and a sneak peeek at a few of the cabinet doors seen drying in the lower right corner.

Here we have the spaces where the fridge, microwave and stove are going to go. The beadboard backsplash is up and most of the cabinet doors and bases are painted.

Those two cabinets you see sitting next to each other in the middle of the room are going to become the island. Right now it's being used as a drying rack, but soon they'll be bolted together, anchored to the floor and wrapped in beadboard.
This is the view from the dining room. The pantry is framed and (mostly) spackled, the cabinets are painted but doorless, the walls are still bare and the microwave and stove have yet to be moved in.
Now, here's the same view with the pantry finished, the wallpaper and beadboard installed, the cabinet doors painted and reattached, the microwave and Mrs. C in place, and the added touch of a little lamp I bought at Goodwill for $3. What a difference! This is when things really began to speed up and started getting exciting!

Well, that's going to have to be enough for now. I have a lot more pictures to share, but I must get to bed or I'll be a cranky mess all day tomorrow. But I will bring everything up-to-date tomorrow. I have nowhere to be and only laundry and other chores to do so I'll be able to finish part II then.

Good night!

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