Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Stranded Edition

I'm posting via my phone so this will be a bare-bones edition.

To wit, I took photos, but my phone (which I hate, especially after this trip) will not allow me to post them. By the way, if you have the option of choosing a Droid 3, DON'T DO IT! TRUST ME!  *Edited to add: I've managed to get some time on the hotel's computer and got the photos up!  Stupid phone*

Redheaded Snippet and I are in Massachusetts trying to visit colleges. But, as you may know, there is a lovely snowstorm that has blown in. So, though we had a wonderful visit at Providence College yesterday, the events at UMass today have been cancelled and we are now stranded at our hotel until tomorrow.


It's a good thing I love snow or I'd be really miserable right now.  This is a really pretty, fluffy, fake-feeling snow.  Very easy to brush off of the top of a car, as I found when we ventured out to the amazing diner down the street.  Banana walnut pancakes and coffee for dinner!  Love diner food!

Happy and Real

Thankfully, Redheaded Snippet had the foresight to bring her homework with her.  She spent several of our long and quiet hours doing it and studying for the SAT.

Real and, perhaps, in a way, Funny?

This is how I've spent my day: watching the weather and Food Network.  I loves me some Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Chopped!  And we don't get those shows on Netflix so this has been somewhat of a treat.


Being surrounded by 5 colleges means there are plenty of places that deliver we were able to have Bento boxes delivered for lunch today!  Or, what would have been Bento boxes if we had ordered them in a restaurant.  Apparently, when sent out for delivery, that translates to three bags of food that made us look like we were feeding an army in our room!  It was really yummy, though!  One thing we can say for this trip is we've certainly eaten well!

So, today, my contentment has been found in a warm hotel room where we are safe and not on the road. I'm happy my pretty daughter brought her homework with her so she can be productive. We've had some great Japanese food and three meals in diners worth writing home about.  We've had too many funny moments to post via phone. And being stranded for an extra, unplanned night is very real.

But we are safe and warm. And I am very content with that.

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