Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sweeter By The Dozen

We paused during the week's chaos to attend the NJ Group IV field hockey championship game this afternoon. Redheaded Snippet's team is ranked first in the state and third in the nation and has taken the state title for the past 11 years. Straight.

And today, they made it an even dozen.

It was anyone's game for the first 30 minutes which ended with a scoreless tie at half time. But then, our girls pulled themselves together and managed to pull off a 2-0 win against a very formidable opponent.

As an added bonus, the other team was not only talented and skilled, but classy, both on and off the field. There were no shouting matches in the stands, no obscenities screamed at referees, and no obnoxious cheers designed to distract and dishearten the players. And, yes, I've seen all of that happen this season and it's disgraceful. But when people remember this is just a game being played by children and behave themselves it's so much more wonderful!

One of whom I'm just so proud of.
Congratulations, girls!

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Leila said...

I hope your mom is better!
The game looks like it was so much fun!