Sunday, November 07, 2010

Just Stepped Out

Mom is having back surgery tomorrow morning, Monday, November 8th. We have great hopes for what the procedure will do for her in the long run but expect her recovery to be long and slow. So, I probably won't be around in blogland for a while as I will be spending as much time as possible helping take care of her. Add field hockey playoffs, Thanksgiving preparations and, hopefully, a visit from Dharma & Co (due in part to both Mom's surgery and Thanksgiving) and my next few weeks are going to be quite the busy ones.

I doubt I'll be back before Thanksgiving, so I'll wish you all a happy and blessed one. Hopefully, I'll be back before Christmas, so I'll save those wishes for later.

Join me, if you will, in praying for Mom tomorrow and in the days to come. And I'll be back in what I hope are just a few, short weeks.

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jake said...

Prayers go out to your mom! Get well mom!