Friday, October 01, 2010

When is the weather going to catch up to the calendar???

It's the first day of October and I am usually running around, gleefully frolicking in abundant Autumnness but, instead, I am too tired and discouraged to care.

My house is going to suck me down into the depths of despair. I need to do a massive clean. I haven't been keeping up with my normal daily or weekly chores and now the realization has hit me that this place is depressingly bad. It smells in here. It stands to reason. I mean, the house has been sealed up all Summer. I usually do have to do an Autumn airing the way many people do a Spring one, but this year seems particularly bad. I blame the dog. And the terrible September we just had that withheld all its fine, dry days in which I usually would have thrown the windows open and instead behaved more like August-lite.

Ugh. We need to open windows, bathe the dog, pull all the furniture out from the walls, sprinkle the carpet, maybe deep clean the carpet, deep clean the upholstery and wipe everything down! And I have no time in which to do it!

How do I enlist the help of my family without a) sounding like a demented shrew and b) expending more energy in getting and keeping them moving than it would take for me to just do it myself?

Where do I start?


Jules said...

Make it part of the "Home Economics" lesson?

Pippajo said...

Good one! I gotta try that!

Anonymous said...

Maybe offer up a special supper night, pizza or other favorite meal in exchange for help. Or to go for a long walk & an ice cream. I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks for having me. Tammy

Daria said...

I've always found that threats of beatings work rather well. Or putting them in the oven. Or swirlys. Those always worked with Snippet.