Thursday, June 17, 2010

I don't think we're going to starve.

Well, after ignoring most of The Viking's suggestions (i.e. "Let's just eat Ramen noodles every night") I have finally come up with a Non-Vacation Menu Plan. What a hideous project that was.

I realize this information is probably going to bore you stupid so I figure putting it in list form will make it easiest to skim over.

Monday (on the road):
(L) Hoagies, chips and candy bars (trying to make it a little fun)
(D) Reheated baked chicken, canned corn and raw veggies with dip

(L) Soup and crusty bread
(D) Tacos

(L) Chicken Quesadillas (made from Monday's leftover chicken and corn and Tuesday's leftover tortillas
(D) Cheap Night Out!

(L) Soup and crusty bread again
(D) Dinner Ploughmans'-style: good bread, good cheese, pickles, some fruit and maybe a bit of summer sausage (ok I think the fruit and sausage ruin the Ploughmans' part of it, but it's close).

(L) Nachos
(D) Cobb Salads

(L) Hot dogs, more chips, whatever fruit we have left
(D) Outback Steakhouse! The in-laws sent us a gift card for our anniversary!

Now I just have to write up my grocery lists (for here and there) and figure out what else I have to bring and how to pack it all.

And do more laundry, of course.

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