Monday, June 28, 2010

First Real Day of Summer Vacation

The kids haven't gone to school in over a week, but as we were in Virginia Beach wearing ourselves out in the heat next to a hockey pitch, it didn't really feel like school was out. But today finally feels like the first day of Summer Break!

I didn't have to worry any children into bed last night. Well, okay, I did a little, shooing them both upstairs at 11:30 because it felt like the prudent thing to do. But as it was 11:30 neither of them complained all that much. I didn't have to check homework or go through papers looking for permission slips, lunch forms or tests to sign.

This morning I didn't have to bag a lunch or rummage through the pantry fussing about who is eating the lunch fixin's and why we never have enough to last the week. I didn't have to coax a very whiny 9-year-old very unwillingly out of his bed (in fact, he's still there) or remind him 27 times to brush his teeth and hair or argue with him about why he can't just wear his pajamas to school.

I don't have to worry about phone calls for forgotten papers, folders or lunch boxes. I don't have to watch the clock so I don't forget to pick someone up. And I don't have to deal with the infernal drop-off/pick-up situation in front of the school!

Would you look at that, there are some things I love about Summer!

We tried to take it easy yesterday. It was our first full day back and we all needed to decompress a little. We did have church, a church planning meeting and a quick trip to the grocery store to complete, but after that, it was loll-around time! We took naps, surfed on the Internet, watched TV, IM'ed friends. And then, after dinner a new Miss Marple was on!

I love PBS' Summer Masterpiece Mystery series! Daria and I keep each other updated on the schedule each year and try to watch them together. We make a pot of tea and try to arrange to have a box of biscuits or some fresh scones on hand and revel in our Anglophilia! Man-Cub still asks every once in a while if Auntie can come over for a pot of tea and a Miss Marple.

If Daria can't join me, which is happening more and more often as she is once again in school, a Miss Marple Night presents a good opportunity to catch up on my ironing. I remember my mother ironing in front of the TV whenever something good and long was on PBS' or A&E. In fact, I think that's how I first came to love Agatha Christie and Jane Austen! We weren't allowed to touch the remote when she was ironing and now, I have to say, I'm thankful for it as she unwittingly exposed me to some of my favorite literature!

So last night, I pulled the ironing basket up to the sofa and ironed away once all the vacation laundry was folded. I was pretty proud of myself, getting all the dirty laundry out of the suitcases and washed and folded within 24 hours of our return home. All of the suitcases are put away, too. Well, all but one. Can you guess whose it is? The Viking has the biggest suitcase and it is, of course, his that we're still tripping over. But I'm going to have one of the children take care of it this afternoon.

Which brings me to my next endeavor. I'm in one of my Let's Tackle This House Once And For All cycles. I usually get like this at the turn of the season. Things naturally need to be packed away (like backpacks) or brought out of storage (like pool toys and beach towels) so I guess it just feels right to do a sweep through the house to make sure everything gets cleaned.

I am usually able to keep the house running much more smoothly when the kids are out of school. I'm not sure why, but I think it has something to do with not being as insanely bored with them here or simply having more hands on deck. Plus, it's just not good for them to be lying around all day just watching TV. They need chores if they're not going to degenerate.

In addition, we've got guests coming for Independence Day weekend. We have a pool and a grill and a good-sized back yard so we usually have some form of festivity here. So, it's a good excuse to get the house in tip-top shape. I want to rearrange the living furniture a bit for Summertime and finally get the powder and laundry room windows painted so I can take down the window treatments that I hate but are hiding the dark, mismatched paint.

So, I'm off to make up a catch-up menu and a summer chore schedule. And then maybe I nap! Ah, Summer!

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