Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wherefore the sun?

We need it back today! We've had days and days of nearly obscene sunshine and could sure use some again! Yesterday was a dreadful day in nearly every way. It rained cats and dogs and everybody was cranky and surly. Poor Man-Cub trudged miserably through the school yard to the car wet as a drowned rat and told me he kept falling asleep in math class and tripping over things because he felt so terribly all day and his teacher snarled at him and told him he just should have stayed home! Well, I never! He's been suffering with seasonal allergies and we haven't been able to find an OTC that helps. I had spoken with the school nurse to inform her that we were working on it and he might be extra sleepy because of it but, apparently, I spoke to the wrong person. "He should have just stayed home"? I hardly think that complies with the school's ridiculous policy of not excusing any absence whatsoever without a note from a professional! Anyway...I wanted to wrap Man-Cub in blankets and place him in front of the fire with his feet in a washtub of hot water when we got home but he thought I was being ridiculous (which I probably was). I did, however, call the pediatrician for their advice on an OTC or otherwise that might give him some relief. Clarinex, here we come.

I'm not sure what Redheaded Snippet's problem was, exactly, but she was in a right royal snit most of the day as well. Come to think of it, her problem could be exactly what mine was which is what happens when you have two or more women of child-bearing years living in the same house. There was lots of whining and lots of chocolate consumption going around. My poor husband!

But today, today is a new day I, for one, have a completely new outlook on life! Because I felt so terrible last night I went to bed at 9:30 and slept like one newly dead until 6:45 at which point I glanced at the clock, then flopped happily back down for another 45 minutes. I've had a good night's sleep, am feeling worlds better and want the weather to reflect my mood! Where's my pathetic fallacy? It cooperated so well yesterday with its thunder, lightning and buckets of rain! Where are the blinding sun, balmy breezes and singing birds I'd ordered?

Well, whatever the weather, I must catch up on the housework I neglected in my two days of indisposition. Beds must be stripped and remade (missed Strip Day), clothes must be laundered and put away, and the kitchen must be returned to proper order (The Viking tried, really he did, but I do like things to be a certain way). Then I get to spend the afternoon with Daria and Beelix! We have great plans to enjoy tea and scones and either watch Enchanted April or have a brisk discussion of Pride and Prejudice in all its forms. I cannot wait.

And...what's this I see? Could it be a departing line of clouds with a glimmer of sunshine behind?

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