Friday, April 02, 2010


So, we're getting prepared for Easter over here. Today I went shopping with Mom and came home with a leg of lamb, three bottles of wine, an entire shopping bag full of fresh herbs and nearly a dozen bunches of flowers. I've decided on roast leg of lamb, roasted red potatoes with olives and feta, roasted asparagus (lots of roasting going on Sunday), and the lemon chiffon cake.

The flowers have been arranged in my chipped, white pitcher and tomorrow I'm going to finish the shopping, begin preparations on the meat and veg and bake my cake. Which reminds me, I need to check and see if I still have that tube pan. I kept it for years but have a sinking feeling I may have chucked it not long ago because I had never used it. Typical. You never need something until it's gone.

Tomorrow night, we're also dyeing eggs and making sure all our clothes are clean, pressed, brushed and in otherwise good form for Sunday morning. Man-Cub may need socks, but I can pick those up when I go out for the rest of the feast fixin's.

I'm looking forward to Sunday's dinner. Lobelia, Lenny and Vantastic are coming as are Mom and Dad and the weather is supposed to be spectacular. Today was pretty perfect, in my opinion, the kind of day that makes me want to lie in the grass and breathe deep. I'm hoping Sunday is the same and doesn't get too warm.

Well, I must go and sort through my recipes and write down my cooking schedule. Yes, I do that. I'm just not naturally organized enough not to. Good night and Happy Preparing!

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