Monday, March 01, 2010

Welcome March!

Hard to believe it's March already! Winter truly is coming to a close and Spring is in the air. It isn't just the calendar that says so, you can smell it in the air. Maybe I have some of the farming blood of my ancestors, but I can always smell the change of the seasons in the air. I first caught a whiff of Spring last Wednesday when Daria and I were heading to the Portal to Hell (Wegmans) the day before our NON-Blizzard. I was confused. Snow was (supposedly) on the way, but the air smelled warm and sweet, not cold and crisp. And it did snow, for hours and hours, but the ground was too warm and it just couldn't stick. See? Spring had already made her presence known.

This morning, I stepped outside to take Redheaded Snippet (who had overslept and missed her bus) to school and there was no mistaking it.  The wind has changed and the balance of power has shifted.  We've still got some cold weather ahead and, the way this Winter has gone, perhaps a snowstorm or two left to enjoy, but it won't be long now.  The sun is shining, the winds have softened, a fresh scent is seeping up from the ground and the birds are already singing!

Yesterday on the way to church we were startled to see flocks of robins cavorting all over the neighborhood!  I don't know if it was several flocks who had met up on their way North or just one large flock descending on us with horrific intentions, but there were a LOT of robins.  It was almost eerie.  We always look for the "First Robin of Spring" and, yesterday, there was no missing them.

Then, of course, there's the unmistakable harbinger of Spring, Nutmeg's coat blow.  She's been at it for weeks now, something I've recently read is rather normal for females of the German Shepherd variety.  Aye, me, it's dreadful!  The above is not our yard, nor our particular animal's coat blowings, but it's identical to what we've been dealing with around here.  I don't know how much longer I can stand it; I'm vacuuming and sweeping several times a day and the fluff still flies!  If I didn't think it would push her over the edge with a snap, I would vacuum Nutmeg herself!

All this Springiness puts me in a strange kind of mood.  I'm suddenly feeling the urge to fling wide the windows and hang linens on the clothesline!  I'm looking over my Spring blog images and putting my first thoughts to a new Spring layout.  And, of course, I'm thinking about gardening: what shall we plant/move/thin out this year?  I'm thinking about daffodils and irises, one of my very favorite combinations and one of the first bouquets The Viking ever gave me.  Hmmmm....could there be a connection?

Well, I must end my Spring musings.  Real life beckons anew.  There are linens to be washed (I am going to hang them out on the line, darn it!), clumps of fur to be chased around, dishes to be put away and other chores to tend to.  I also need to do my grocery run.  I bet Wegmans (which is not the Portal to Hell at the moment as that is only right before a Holiday or Weather Event, thanks to Lobelia's clarification) has bunches of daffodils.  If they have something purple to group them with, I'm getting some.

In other, less interesting news (but I'm sharing it anyway), we've finally found a home for our foster furniture and have arranged the living room in a way that I think will work for a good, long time.  But I don't have photos yet as all the knick-n-knacks and bric-n-brac is still all over my dining room table waiting to be staged.  Photos to come!

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