Saturday, March 20, 2010

Officially Spring!

It's official! We've reached the vernal equinox, the sun is shining with all its strength and the long, cold winter is behind us! Just throw your windows open and breathe it in! Unless, of course, you're some place south of the equator where it is officially Autumn (like Argentina) or north of the equator but the weather just doesn't want to cooperate (like Chicago, where it's snowing today). Although, if you are south of the equator you may still be able to throw those windows open and breathe in cool, crisp Autumn air, you lucky ducks!

Today is probably our first glorious day, weather-wise. I can't see a cloud in the sky and the sun is blazingly bright. I fell asleep and awoke to the sounds of singing: tree frogs last night and all manner of birds this morning. All the shrubs are budding, daffodils have poked up through the warming earth and are unfurling their pretty, yellow bonnets, and I just saw a butterfly flutter by.

I do love Spring.

I'm sitting down with sheets of paper and pen and making up a cleaning schedule. I try to Spring Clean each year with the goal of at least accomplishing more than I did the year before. I never get it all done, but my hope is that someday, someday, if I persevere and keep taking those baby steps, I will finally do it.

So, today being Saturday I am dreaming up all sorts of horrible things with which to torture the children. They will be cleaning their rooms, of course, but I'm also thinking of sorting through clothes, packing up scarves, gloves, hats and coats and tidying closets! Aren't I the worst? Of course, I'm not going to be easy on myself, either. I am planning on cleaning out the fridge, patching the knees of Man-Cub's jeans and tackling the ironing. All with the windows open, of course.

Sigh. I guess I'd better get crack-a-lackin'! Lobelia has invited us over for grilled meats tonight so we'd better not waste any time!

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Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

I found your blog via Restyled Home as you were featured there with your kitchen remodel. You all did a wonderful job on your remodeling! I too am in the midst or buried...however you look at it...with a kitchen/home remodel of our own. I have enjoyed going through many of your posts and reading them...very funny moments! :) I am now a follower...looking forward to knowing you better.