Sunday, March 22, 2009

What Day of Rest?

I've been quite the busy little bee today. We all have, in fact.

Well, you know, it's Spring now, so it's time to come shuffling out of our caves, blinking in the brilliant sunlight, ready to resume our old, more active lives. And we've got cleanin' to do! Three months in a cave builds up quite a smell!

So, yesterday, I got very little done. I cleaned our room, made the beds, made up the overdue menu and grocery list, and that was about it, aside from making one of The Viking's favorite meals for dinner: Vegetable Curry. He deserved it as he got a lot done yesterday. He raked the flower beds, hauled trash from inside and behind the shed, took Nutmeg for a walk, took Man-Cub for a bike ride, and then threw a baseball around the backyard with Man-Cub while poor, restricted Redheaded Snippet watched.

She is tremendously bored, which I am taking as a good sign with a good sigh of relief. She wasn't herself until a good 48 hours after the injury and I was really on edge because of it! I hadn't watched her that closely since she was about two! I wouldn't let her go anywhere without me and kept after her, asking questions and looking her over until I'm sure she was ready to bash me in the head! But now she is back to her old self and chafing mightily at having to sit down and be sedate all the time. But if boredom is the worst of our problems, BRING IT ON!

After church, we hit our favorite supermarket, Wegmans. There are two Wegmanses near us, but both are not really all that near us. Both are about 25 minutes away and in places through which you have to fight a lot of traffic to reach. One of them is right on the way to church so we sometimes hit it on our way home. Well, today was a nightmare. What is it about grocery shopping that brings out the worst in people? By the time we were done, I was one more shopping cart to the back of the ankles away from going Hulk on everyone I saw! I had frightening visions of my rapidly expanding muscles popping through the arms and legs of my clothes (with modesty preserved, of course), turning a hideous green and roaring my rage to the sky before smashing carts together and beating old ladies over the head with fresh baked baguettes. That was when The Viking ordered me out to the parking lot and took over paying for everything. It's a good man who knows by looking at her when his wife is completely overwrought and ready to lose it.

Despite the nonsense suffered in the process, the trek to Wegmans was a happy success. We bought a ton of fresh fruit and vegetables with which we plan to ruin every day of our children's week. And when we got home, we set right out to wash, clean, peel, chop and wedge everything so it's ready for consumption and no one has any excuses. I've told Redheaded Snippet in no uncertain terms she is to eat some form of protein and fruit for breakfast now. No more, "I don't have time". She can grab a hard boiled egg and two orange wedges on her way out the door just as easily as she can grab a Pop-Tart. Don't bother commenting on the evils of Pop-Tarts. I rarely let the kids have them. That's just the breakfast she would choose if she could.

We now have a fridge full to bursting with good things to eat (isn't that similar to a line from Little House in the Big Woods?)! We have strawberries, oranges, tangerines, apples, bananas, and cantaloupe. There's broccoli, peppers, cucumber, romaine lettuce, and tomatoes for salads and for dipping (a new alternative to fries I'm serving with the kids' burgers this week, but they don't know it yet).

I didn't get the laundry finished I intended to do, but two loads are done and everyone has clean clothes for the next few days. But I did help The Viking make a fantastic dinner (shrimp scampi for us, homemade cheese steaks for the kids--you have to know your target audience), whipped up a batch of breadcrumbs, and toasted another batch of granola which is cooling right now on the stove, waiting to be made into bars for Man-Cub's lunch tomorrow. In fact, as it is getting quite late, they are probably cool enough and I should go finish and get to bed.

Tomorrow, I get to go help a friend who just had a baby two weeks ago via C-section and needs help with her 3 year-old. That's right, I'm spending the day with Mrs. Councilor Nugent and Cindy Lou Who! It should be fun, but I've got to be there early and can't afford to be tired.

So, good night!


Amy said...

Oh I really like the picture of the overwrought wife. How's Mrs. Nugent doing? I heard she's having bad breastfeeding trouble.

KnC Zman said...

Ah.. you're killing me.. i sooo miss Wegmans. What supermarket watches your kids for you while you shop! Loved it! You need to create a file with recipes for us struggling homemakers a little behind you in our journey of development as top homemakers =)

Pippajo said...

Mrs. Nugent is indeed having some difficulty, but it's getting better.

Our Wegmanses don't have babysitting. Around here, Wegmans doesn't seem to be frequented by as many moms with kids as other markets. It's mostly old, snotty people. And me.

I've never thought highly enough of my skillz to post recipes in a file or anything...but I guess I could share what I've learned through trial and error. Thanks!

Leila said...

You are a whirlwind.