Friday, March 13, 2009

Guess What?

Oh, you'll never guess. I'm just going to have to tell you.

The Viking got a handy-dandy little gadget off of E-bay that allows us to magically (I think fairy dust is involved somehow) retrieve photos from Redheaded Snippet's camera (the only one available to us since the loss of The Viking's camera last Spring) and then post them on the computer! Yay! No more having to steal photos from my sisters' facebook pages!

So, to celebrate, here are some photos of recent events I've been wanting to share but couldn't. Everybody comfy?

We begin with an inexplicable photo of Man-Cub. All I know is his sister is holding the camera so, wait, I guess it is explicable after all...he's making this horrendous face at her! Who cares, I just love this shot. I think it captures his essence perfectly.

Redheaded Snippet and Bitsy during our trip to Chicago. Redheaded Snippet was such a big help that weekend, running after Bitsy and helping take care of her. They bonded in a big way. Aren't they adorable?

Lobelia doling out the Cheerios to Vantastic and Bitsy, getting some nice Auntie action in. Made for some very cute photos.

The Boyz, Man-Cub and Vantastic. Yes, I know I'm showing my age, but I don't know what the modern version of that would be.

And there they are, all the cousins. The Fab Five: Rosebud, Redheaded Snippet, Bitsy, Vantastic, and Man-Cub. We've been dying to get a sofa shot of all of them and here it is!

Man-Cub demonstrating one of his birthday gifts, some Star Wars Wii game that came with these killer lightsabers. He and Lenny had great fun playing with them at his birthday party.

Another demonstration of another gift, this one for Christmas. Can you tell Star Wars and Batman are two of his favorites at the moment? I particularly like the bathrobe part of the ensemble.

The Viking and his brother at Grand Central Station, during our trip to visit him in Manhattan. My brother-in-law said the "New York" thing to do is to "meet at the clock" and then go to the Concourse downstairs for a bite to eat. I had a really good gyro down there (something you cannot get here at home).

A surprisingly good shot of the four of us in front of the iconic clock. Hmmmm...this might make a good profile pic...

My brother-in-law (hmmmm, might need a blog name for him...) took us to a great burger joint in the Village for dinner and he and Man-Cub hammed it up at the giant burger display outside. Peas in a pod, those two.

Whew, I'm kinda tired! That was a lot of photos for one post! I'm not used to that. But now that we have this little miracle gadget, I wouldn't doubt if it becomes a much more common occurrence around here. But right now, I'm off to bed.

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