Monday, February 02, 2009

Too tired to look for a title image

I know I'm a bit overdue for a post, but I just don't think it's in me this evening. I'm tired. And I'm tired of being tired.

My usual insomnia has given way to a new sleeping problem: borderline narcolepsy. Okay, I exaggerate a wee bit once again, but for me, my behavior is virtually narcoleptic.

For the duration of this entire weekend, any time I have sat idle for more than 15 minutes, I have fallen asleep. We drove over to Lobelia and Lenny's for a visit on Saturday, I fell asleep in the car on the way over and slept so soundly I literally had no idea where I was when I woke up. Completely disoriented. The Viking had to tell me where we were. Then I fell asleep again on the ride home. We stopped at the store so The Viking could run inside for some veggies. I fell asleep again while waiting in the parking lot. Last night, I fell asleep promptly and quickly, as if I had taken a sleeping pill. This afternoon, despite getting a good night's sleep and sleeping in this morning, I fell asleep on the couch while The Viking and Man-Cub were playing a video game. And now, I'm so tired I cannot wait to hit my pillow upstairs.

What on earth? I've also had a headache for at least some portion of each of the last 5 days, some so bad I've had to lie in a dark room for it to pass.

This is just so unlike me and it's really getting disruptive. I guess it could be stress, or maybe my body is just rebelling against the damage done by years of insomnia and is making sure it gets the rest it needs. Does that even make sense? Cause I'm completely making it up. Guess I should call my doctor's office about that sleep study the results of which they never called me about.

On that note, I'm off to bed. But, hopefully, I will have a chance to post properly tomorrow, provided the time spent sitting idly in one place doesn't cause me to nod off again.


Anonymous said...

Just a thought, have you ever had your thyroid levels checked out?

Leila said...

Every January I get the same thing-- so tired that just the act of closing my eyes puts me to sleep, so that every time I blink, Presto! I'm asleep.

It helps to take some iron and get some sun.

It helps to get to SPRING.

Lisa said...

Reading your post below after I read this one it's no wonder you are having the sleep issue. Sounds like you are stressed and overdoing it. I would second the sunlight recommendation -- I don't have near the schedule you do and I am taking a nap every afternoon myself.

I had to sit down and have a talk with the family regarding all our activities too. It was tough, but I explained to the kids about return on investment -- they had to pick the activities that would give them the most return for our investment of time/money -- they decided to opt out of dance competition, which for them was huge and it was a tough, tough choice. Long story short, we are all much happier now without having to to SO much.

Patricia said...

I am concerned.....I would see your doctor, just in case something is going on...

Some routine blood work might be a good place to start.