Saturday, July 19, 2008


In mere moments I'm embarking on what will either be the adventure of a lifetime or the most dismal experience ever to drive a person to therapy for years to come.

That's right...ROAD TRIP.

Daria and I are driving from New Jersey to Chicago. And we're taking Man-Cub with us. It's a 12-hour trip, folks. We're stopping in Ohio (little more than half-way) for the night in the hopes that swimming in a hotel pool, jumping from bed to bed, and stockpiling miniature bottles of toiletries will make the journey more tolerable. We'll just see...

Well, the car is packed, phones are charged and everyone has made a last-minute visit to the loo, so I guess it's time to depart.

I'll be back Friday night. Hopefully I'll have a whole new, exciting chapter for my memoirs.

We're a terd of hurtles!

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